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    Power calculation in acrobat


      Hi, I have a question about a power calculation.  Seems simple, just not sure how to perform it.


      I basically need to create a calculation in acrobat that performs the dubois and dubois bsa calculation:

      0.007184 * (height ^ 0.725  * weight ^ 0.425)


      I am having some difficulty in setting up the calculation.  This is how I tried to do it:


      var1 = this.getfield("height").value;

      var2 = this.getfield("weight").value;


      event.value = 0.007184 * (Math.pow(var1,0.725) * Math.pow(var2,0.425));


      Nothing happens when I run the script.

      Am I totally down the wrong path??  Any suggestions.


      Thanks, Chris