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    Browser-embedded Adobe Reader doesn't permit ink signatures


      I'm not sure if this is a feature, a bug or just an annoyance, but we are unable to apply ink signatures to a PDF displayed within a browser window. The same PDF displayed in a standalone Adobe Reader 9 window will allow for ink signatures to be applied to it. Why can documents in browser windows not be ink signed?


      This is problematic for us because we are deploying a web-based application which collects a signature on a PDF form, which then contains a button to proceed to the next step and save the form on the server. Using Adobe Reader standalone to view and sign the PDF breaks the functionality of the form and prevents the form being saved correctly.


      Colleagues developing the application report that it works successfully using a plugin for a singature pad, but we are using a tablet PC (motion C5) with a pen to apply the ink signature. There does not appear to be a plugin for this. However, we know we can apply ink signatures in standalone Adobe Reader, we simply want the same functionality in the browser-embedded window.


      So far, all suggestions we have received involving buying either alternative hardware or alternative software. Neither is very helpful. Can anyone suggest a fix or workaround using Adobe Reader? Thanks.