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    two submit buttons or more going to diffrent e-mails



      This question was from ndjustin20 and was answered on October 7, 2009 by pgueret below, however I an not javascript (i am assuming it was used) savvy and cannot figure out how it is done. Does anyone have the text used?

      I am trying to create (many) submit buttons to different e-mails.



      Hello Everyone!


      I'm trying to have two separate buttons inside my  form that simply email my pdf to two different addresses.  For some  reason though the first button I create and enter an email address for  takes presedence over all the rest of the buttons I create.  So I create  button1 with email address bob@bob.com then i create another button2  and say that has an email address of larry@larry.com well what is happening  is no matter what i put in button2's properties or inside the XML it  still puts bob@bob.com in the to line of the email.  I am using the button object and changing  it to a submit with the PDF option selected from the drop down.  I have  been able to do this in the past but since i have upgraded to Lifecycle  8.2 I can no longer get it to work right.  Any help is appreciated.  I  don't know how to code in lifecyle but I do understand the principles of  programming so if it is something that i need to do "under the hood" so  to speak then please give me that option also.


      I am also receiving this  warning:


      "This  document has accessed more than one site and may be trying to share  data among different locations.  This could be a privacy concern.  Are  you sure you want to continue?"


      I have attached the form for further review.