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    Adding a toolTip to FLV seekbar component

    descin Level 1
      Does anyone know how to add a toolTip to the FLV seekbar component? I have been banging my head against the wall far too long for something as simple as this...

      It's a quick an easy fix for the play/pause, stop buttons. I added in a movie clip that appears on the rollover state of the button. The seekBar is handled differently and there is not a rollover state in that component. I tried adding in an invisible movieClip over the handle that contains a my toolTip button. I feel like the code is blocked out and I can't get an AddEventListener to work within the component. I ran trace statements for willTrigger and hasEventListener and both came up positive for being able to handle a mouseEvent. I am not sure why this will not work.

      Any thoughts would GREATLY be appreciated.



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          FlashForumName Level 1
          To my knowledge, the rollOver event will not work if the clip is invisible. Instead, try changing it's alpha to 0. With it's alpha at 0, the clip will still appear invisible but the events will fire. This will present another problem though. When you click on the seek area to seek somewhere else in the movie, you'll actually be clicking on your alpha = 0 movieclip. So, if you want the clip to still seek, you'll have to add a seeking function yourself to a click event on your alpha = 0 movieclip.