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      Will this be available also for DW CS3 and/or CS 4?

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          jayl46231688 Adobe Employee

          Sorry, this is only available for Dreamweaver CS5 and there are no current plans to support CS3 or CS4.


          You can download a free trial of Dreamweaver CS5 from here: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=dreamweaver.

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            APendrag0n3 Level 1

            Unfortunately - Our higher headquarters isn't going to approve an upgrade any time soon.  I guess those of us on CS3/CS4 are in limbo for now...

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              RaghavanG Adobe Employee

              Play with the trial version and i hope you can convince them of the benefits of CS5



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                Hi All


                I developed some extentions for HTML5 and CSS3.

                These extentions supported Dreamweaver 8 and more!


                Please download the following extension :-)

                And enjoy your next generation coding life!


                HTML5 taglibrary extentsion



                Support codehinting html5 tag and propaties, and creating New document(XML syntax only).


                CSS selectors CodeHint extension



                Support codehinting CSS2 and CSS3 selectors.

                HTML5 Pack extension can't show this. :-P

                #DW8 and DWCS3 can't show pseudo-element selectors, maybe.


                CSS3 propaties CodeHint extension



                Support codehinting CSS3 major usage propaties, @font-face, browser prefix and so on.


                Akira Maruyama.


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                  mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

                  APendrag0n3 wrote:


                  Unfortunately - Our higher headquarters isn't going to approve an upgrade any time soon.  I guess those of us on CS3/CS4 are in limbo for now...



                  Not necessarily.  Somebody like Eric Meyer will release their own extension but it will be for a modest sum.  I suspect even Adobe's final product will not be FREE.  The current pack which you have just seen is still in beta or is still in the labs!.



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                    Why are there no plans to help loyal customers with earlier versions utilize Dreamweaver in order to stay up to date with web trends? It comes across as "we appreciate your money in the past but we'd appreciate your current money even more. Update to CS5 or get left behind in our own, outdated product." This personally leaves a bad taste in my mouth because I have no intention of upgrading solely for a library of open source tags and properties.


                    So please, Adobe, what is your reasoning for not providing CS3/CS4 with up-to-date libraries?

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                      mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6
                      function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                      AmericanMonk wrote:



                      So please, Adobe, what is your reasoning for not providing CS3/CS4 with up-to-date libraries?



                      I don't think it is do with "they don't want to provide up-to-date libraries" but it is because its programmers want to move on to new things so old programs are not developed any further.  However, people like Eric Meyer do provide tools to work with CS3/CS4 versions but it all boils down to profits.  I am sure if users are prepared to pay a small sum for updates then Adobe would be bending backwards to supply whatever they can sell.


                      Adobe is a commercial organization creating jobs for thousands so it has to prioritize its objectives.


                      By the way I have nothing to do with Adobe so don't blame me for being so practical in my reply.



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                        AmericanMonk Level 1

                        Adobe products shouldn't be disposible. Your explanation seems probable and I'd like to hear from Adobe itself to confirm whether or not you're right. If your theory is correct I wouldn't agree with their business model. There are open source editors that provide free extensions, including HTML5/CSS3 libraries. They may not have all the bells and whistles or Adobe suite compatibility, but they're affordable and they work.


                        I'm realizing that I wasn't very clear about why I'm surprised there's no CS3/CS4 support. When I talk about HTML5/CSS3/other new technology libraries, I'm speaking of simply JUST the libraries so that the programming that's already in place loads the most up to date tags and properties. This way features such as code hinting, auto intent, and syntax coloring can still work


                        I realize that I can update the libraries manually and that other people like Akira can provide extensions, but I question why Adobe doesn't provide this service on a regular basis. Having a "New Technologies Download and Education Center" would add a lot of value to Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver users would be demystified about any upcoming changes in internet technologies and could always boast to their clients they they are forever on the cutting edge.


                        Likewise for Live View. If I can freely update my webkit-based browsers to be compatible with new internet technologies, why can't I do that with Live View? Or can I?


                        I would never expect Adobe to freely hand CS3/CS4 owners all of their new HTML5-related goodies for free. Their new media quieries live view, for example, is Adobe innovation at its finest. Of course they deserve money for that. I wouldn't expect anything new under the menus or palettes, although it seems like some of that could easily be created by simply reading the libraries as well. I can't speak on that (which is why I'm seeking Adobe's answer). Regardless, I wouldn't expect to find new functionality there. Same for any drag n drop or even any new pretty WYSIWYG functionality in design view.


                        But I'm still disappointed to find out that no effort will be made to bring CS3/4 owners up to speed. I can't imagine any programming or extension is necessary to update the libraries. Maybe that's how it is set up right now, but it shouldn't be necessary. If a third party updates its technology, Adobe need only update an XML file and let us know it's available for download. I back up the old copy of "htmllibrary.dll" and drop the new version into place and presto! Dreamweaver fires up current, even if experimental, HTML5 tags. Think of Photoshop brushes.


                        Something like that, in theory, could be updated daily. W3C talks to the public, Adobe puts out an official update, and you have the makings of long-term value. Instead we're looking at being forced by client necessity into Adobe loyalty.


                        And that won't work because there are other IDEs.


                        I haven't purchased a new license for my anti-virus software for almost two years now. I am no longer elidgible to download new versions of their software. However, I am elidgible to download up to date virus libraries every day. If a virus was created Monday the anti-virus guru's created the scanning algorithm for it on Tuesday. I downloaded it Wed and scanned for it today. This isn't true for every anti-virus software available, but it's true for most of the anti-virus software I've tried. You'll notice that I don't use the "greedy" ones.


                        The anti-virus software providers have learned that it's better to provide a free long-term relationship with their customers rather than have their software deleted and loyalty shifted to a competitor with more value. It makes me much more likely to use them in the future and recommend them to others.


                        But as soon as any company tries to turn open source content into proprietary gains they lose my vote.


                        BUT! It's very possible that I'm missing something obvious and that I've written all this for nothing because such systems already exist. Idunno. That's why I'm here trying to get an Adobe answer.

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                          I am furious with this decision.


                          I only very recently upgraded to CS4 (in February/March). Hearing the CS5 News a month ago was unnerving to a degree as it is, considering nobody at Adobe recommended I hang on for another month or two.


                          Now I find out my 2 month old $2000.00 upgrade needs to be upgraded again in order for the software to support current technology?


                          This demands an official response as to the reasoning behind it. I have half a mind to make a call this morning with a complaint, as well as a request for a product refund. This is a joke.


                          I'm an independent freelance designer. Costs like this are not something I can idly incur every couple of months. Purchases like this software package are planned with care and caution. This news is just bad business.

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                            jadnash Level 1



                            I found a site that explains 'upgrading' CS4 with the new tags; it take a few minutes but seemed to work fine. Doesn't have all the bells & whistles of the html5 pack, but does help a bit...

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                              AmericanMonk Level 1

                              Thanks for that step-by-step guide to manually updating a library. While we're on the subject of references...





                              http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/WD-html5-20100304/ - A description of HTML5 straight from the source.


                              http://www.w3schools.com/html5/html5_reference.asp - Lists all tags currently slated to be included in HTML5, with new tags marked appropriately. Click on individual tag to view tag-specific attributes. Also includes a handful of tutorials which highlight some new features, list of all HTML5 tag attributes, marked depreciated tags, and a list of HTML5 events (with new events marked as such).


                              http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/WD-html5-diff-20100304/ - Differences between HTML 4 & 5. Good thing to post in the bathroom.






                              http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-roadmap/ - Official outline of new CSS3 features direct from the source. Describes the new modules and in many cases provides links for more detailed information. Never heard the term "CSS module" before? This link will explain the trend.


                              http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/current-work - Shows you where the W3C's collective heads are at to help you anticipate when new technologies will become available. Not especially helpful if you're looking for a CSS3 reference but provides good information on understanding the technology. Also supplies the following link:


                              http://meiert.com/en/indices/css-properties/ - An unofficial index/table of all CSS properties (v1-v3) and their default values. Clicking on individual property provides a description as well as a fully-described list of possible values (oddly enough the detailed information goes back to W3.com).




                              MEDIA QUERIES


                              http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-mediaqueries/ - People seem to be interested in this new module so I thought I'd provide an easy reference to it. This information can also be found by using the current work link above (second link listed under CSS3).




                              ADOBE DW BS


                              http://eon.businesswire.com/portal/site/eon/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20100519 006237&newsLang=en - Just makes me mad to read over and over that Adobe is be lauded for it's cutting edge extensibility. It's great that they're able to extend their product... eh hem! eh HEM!




                              I'm not sure if there's any truth to this, but if there are other CS3/4 users out there who are upset about the lack of support, please speak up on here - even if just to say, "I'm upset too." I suspect that Adobe will never provide an explanation if they aren't aware that this is a problem for them.

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                                Donald Booth Level 3

                                Hi All,
                                The only reason that the HTML5 pack is not backwards is because of the update to the WebKit DLL.

                                There were some core changes in that file that will likely break CS4.

                                While that prevents the Multiscreen Preview from being used, all the tag libraries and code hinting should work fine in other versions.


                                Donald Booth

                                Adobe Dreamweaver Team

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                                  juphipps Level 1

                                  With all due respect sir, consumers are not to be blamed with how you code your product, just as they should not be forced to upgrade a product (particularly within 2 months), for basic software functionality to be present (you can't get more "basic" than support of current Web Standards).


                                  If the DLL you made for CS5 does not work for CS4, or CS3, then you need to make one "for" CS4, etc. All your consumers are asking for is support for a library, not a revamp of the software entirely. CS4 "was" the latest and greatest just over a month ago!

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                                    Donald Booth Level 3

                                    I will try to address some points made here, trying to be as upfront as I can.


                                    DWILCOX01-We have no plans to charge for the HTML5 functionality.

                                    AmericanMonk- DWILCOX01 is right. As a business, we are working on future stuff and that means focusing on DW Next features. Any time spent on CS4 is time not spent on the next version.


                                    The Webkit changes are not backwards compatible since making it work for CS4 would require making updates to the DW executable. This would entail an entire updater for CS4, which takes many people a few months and it is just not going to happen. CS3 didn't have Live View so that is moot.


                                    A.M. To your longer post:  Our new technologies download center is Labs. We haven't made great use of it in the past but we are hoping to leverage it more to get new things out there.

                                    A new webkit DLL isn't just a matter of dropping in a new file. It is quite integrated into the exe and it takes a good bit of work to turn on the new features and ensure they work properly.

                                    As to your W3C/Virus analogy, if the web worked that way, we could in theory update very quickly. But new HTML tags only come around every 5-10 years and they take a long time to gel. And yes, it is just a matter of updating an XML file to get the new tags. (I spent a lot of time tediously writing them while combing through the HTML5 spec)

                                    But it takes time to do that and we are all quite busy here, preparing for the next version.

                                    And another reason it started on Labs is because the specs aren't done. We are leary of putting things in the product that aren't finalized. The specs aren't done yet; the rules are still changing. So extensions allow us to be flexible.

                                    Same with the -moz and -webkit hinting. Those aren't part of any spec but we decided to include some because if you want rounded corners, you need 3 rules. So while proprietary and non-standard, we included them for ease of use.


                                    And for insight, as Adobe, we can't just whip something up and release. To meet our and your standards, we have to design workflows and dialogs, make icon, and completely test everything we release, even to Labs. We have to make sure it works as desired, and more importantly, make sure it doesn't break anything. That takes people, work and time.


                                    Juphipps- This is a bummer that happens every release and there is no good answer. It's a slippery slope of 'well when should we not give free upgrades? 1 month? 2 or 3?'  The policy is clear but that does you no good. One of my personal philosophies is "Silence is acceptance" so by all means, call us up and complain!

                                    And to your second point, to be clear HTML4 is the latest 'standard'. HTML5 is a work in progress. I mention above our reticense at supporting developing technologies: we don't know how they will change after we release.


                                    To A.M.s 3rd, thanks for linking the specs. As I noted on the Labs page, we only supported those CSS3 specs that were close to being done and/or had good browser implementations. That's why they aren't all there.


                                    In case it wasn't clear, I had huge <hint> tags around my last post. It's not Adobe's extensibility layer, it's yours.

                                    Not totally satisfying, I know, but I hope it helps.


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                                      AmericanMonk Level 1

                                      Well that's a bummer.


                                      I'm gathering that DW is marketed more towards designers, noobs, or people who don't/can't handle code. Is it fair to say that developers are an important, but secondary market? I can't remember the last time I've seen a dialog box, used WYSIWYG, or explored the menus.


                                      Don't get me wrong! There's plenty of neat stuff in there. But for me it's never enough to do anything more than say, "neat," and go back to coding. I don't like it when DW (or Photoshop or any other software) does the code for me. If it's a choice between code libraries and dialog boxes (or Live View, FTP support, reference books, Spry, or even the new nifty media queries Live View, etc.) I'll choose the libraries every time. The basics come first.


                                      As we're all aware, HTML5 & CSS3 are a couple of technologies that have been given a big push by a big bully regardless of whether or not it is ready. Like it or not I have to follow suit. Thus, I need my authoring tool to have proposed updates available regardless of whether or not said tool's bells and whistles can support such flux and leave it to me to decide whether or not it's a good idea to implement them.


                                      I'm probably not going to be using "beta" technology for my clients' sites later today. But I do need my authoring tools to acknowledge that I will be practicing them. I need to be able to stay on top of the learning curve rather than fall behind it. I need to be able to practice and play with it in my spare time so that when my clients do start asking for it I can say, "yes I've done that before."


                                      Just like it takes time and effort for Adobe to keep up to date and informed with the newest techs, imagine what it's like for us small guys - whether freelance or part of a firm. It's not our billable time that causes us to work 70-hour work weeks. In many cases we're also our own legal, copyright, accounts receivable/payable, etc. departments. We are constantly learning (and often learning things we don't care about) and not getting paid for it. Any authoring tool that can centralize the use and understanding of emerging technologies is of greater value, IMHO, than one which does the work for you. It's great that DW can cook a meal for me but often my clients need salt instead of pepper and I need to understand the code/underlying technology in order to make such changes or create something from scratch.


                                      Thus, I think it's a shame that the libraries are tied into the execs. In an industry that values modularity as a key concept I would have expected the libraries to be no exception. If you've already gone through the tedium of updating the XML file for CS5 I would have expected that it could be plopped into earlier versions. Instead, all of your CS3/4 users have to put themselves through the same tedium - and we won't get paid for it.


                                      Consider my vote going towards some sort of Dreamweaver Developer Edition as an alternative to Dreamweaver. A stripped-down version that places more value on quick loads, flexible libraries, and shortcuts for making code typing and snippet macros at the forefront rather than step-by-step "even you can create a web page" dialogs or the ooh-ahhs of Live View.


                                      While this time it's HTML5 & CSS3 trickling out, CS6 will probably (hopefully) see these two solidfied but perhaps a new version of JavaScript (or PHP, CF, something entirely new to support 3D web viewing, etc.) trickling out. There's always going to be something. It's difficult for me to want DW if what you're telling me is that this lack of updatability is an inherent, non-problem... because, respectfully, I disagree.


                                      I hope I'm not coming across as snide or angry, because that's not my intent. I'd be an idiot to get angry every time a software developer does things differently from what I'd do.


                                      What I am is disappointed. There's a sudden, unexpected void in my CS4 that apparently only an open source product or lots of money can solve. I think I'll switch over to another authoring product for the time being and perhaps enjoy DW the next time the Master Suite moves from the "want" list to the "need" list.

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                                        Donald Booth Level 3


                                        We are happy to annouce that we have released a version for CS3 and CS4.

                                        http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&loc=en_us&extid=2188 522

                                        This just includes the code hinting, as the Media Queries and Multiscreen Preview were not backwards compatible.

                                        Thanks to you all for making the case.


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                                          APendrag0n3 Level 1

                                          Ok - So little did I realize that my post would

                                          cause such a storm... But now that I have this download, I

                                          am glad I posted it.  My thanks to the Adobe crew!

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                                            elasater Level 1

                                            Thank you!! For users (including me) who won't be able to upgrade for a while, this will be very helpful.

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                                              yunie_ Level 1

                                              There are some dreamweaver fans' forum that still offer some unofficial support on cs3/cs4. Your best bet though is getting the cs5. how to win him back