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    Button states not working when exporting to HTML


      I'm creating a simple button. Gray box with text. My intent is to have the text only appear on mouseover.


      1. I drew the box, placed the text, selected both and hit F8 to convert to symbol.

      2. I made sure to select the Button radio button and enabled 9-slice scaling

      3. I double-clicked the button to edit it, and for all of the button states I clicked the "Copy Up Graphic" button.

      4. For the Up state I set the opacity of the text element to 0%.


      When I preview the button, works great.


      When I export, not so great.

      I select HTML and Images, Export HTML File, Export Slices.

      I check Include Areas without Slices, and Put Images in Subfolder (which I label as "_images"), and Current Page Only


      When I drag the generated HTML file to my browser, no button effect.


      I've tried adding a buttons from the common library and those work fine. So it's got to be something I'm doing wrong when creating my button. Any help greatly appreciated.