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    CS4 -> CS5 Upgrade? (Performance in mind)

    dreamache101 Level 1

      I currently own AE CS4. Now that CS4 is out, I only want to upgrade if there are decent performance upgrades.  My thing is this, I work in primarily high resolution 1900x1080 projects, and I want to cut down the ram preview / render times as much as possible.


      I'm also interested in purchasing a video card. I currently only have a GTX 275.  I've been reading up about nVidia Quadro vs. GTX 285 etc.. Ultimately I wouldn't like to spend more than $1100 together.  The upgrade to CS5 costs $299, and the nVidia Quadro 3800 I believe is around $800. 


      Would it make sense to upgrade to CS5?  Or should I just invest in a better video card.