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    Error creating Flex Library Project using Cairngorm 2.2


      I just got an error creating a Flex Library project using Flex Builder 3 when including Cairngorm 2.2. The error was shown is "could not find source for resource bundle CairngormMessages".

      I read few posts on the net related to the error and some people said the error can happen when you link your project to Cairngorm 2.2 source but we should be able to make work around by linking to the Cairngorm SWC. However my Flex Library project I just created is using the Cairngorm SWC.

      I did few test by removing all references to Cairngorm from my project and the project was compiled fine. I even try to use Cairngorm 2.0 to test it and it works fine as well. Has anyone have the same problem? or Has anyone got a solution?

      Thanks for any suggestions beforehand.