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    Trouble connecting to mySql database

    ggaarde Level 1

      Hi Forum


      I have a site hosted with Godaddy, and have created a database, but I can not connect to the database with DW.



      1)  I made made sure that the invisible file _mmServerScripts folder and the Connections folder are present both on my local machine in the root directory and on the server.


      2) I can connect to the hosting account with FTP.


      3) I can connect to the database via Goddaddy and PHPadmin.


      3) I have pointed the test server to the same url as the hosting account but to a folder in the directory that is called test_server.

      (I have used this approach before, and it worked then)


      4) I have tried to log on with the URL that PHP admin tells me: http://nbst.db.6113589.hostedresource.com/ and also with


      5) I am getting the standard error code 404 suggesting:


      "a) There is no testing server running on the server machine

      b) The testing server specifed for this site does not map to Url. Verify that the URL Prefix maps to the root of the site. "


      6) The error message refers to This is an unknown IP to me. The database is supposed to be at


      What am I doing wrong??