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    Multiuser chat for FP 10.0


      Is it possible to build multiuser chat for FlashPlayer 10.0 or it will only be available in FP 10.1? I mean mass users, not beta testers.


      Was it possible to build chat before Stratus (with FMS)?

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          abeall Level 3

          Before Stratus you could definitely build multiuser chat using FMS, or an open-source alternative like Red5, or many other text-only alternatives such as XMLSocket servers (ElectroServer, SmartFoxServer) or even a custom polling service.


          What Status does is allow peer-to-peer connections, rather than relaying data on a server. One of the things that's exciting about peer-to-peer is that you get much lower latency, so making nearly instantaneous realtime interaction is a lot easier.


          Flash Player 10.0 allows for multi-user peer-to-peer connections, but Flash Player 10.1 allows for the new NetGroup capibility. NetGroup makes multi-user peer-to-peer easier and more scalable, but it isn't strictly necessary.


          That's my understanding anyway, but I'm still just learning about peer-to-peer and Stratus.

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            prosto-c Level 1

            Thank you!