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    In CS5 document tab panel missing on startup.


      Occasionally, approximately every other start, when I use context menu "Edit with Fireworks" on a Fireworks PNG file, application starts with the file open in a single tab and top panel in that tab (Original/Preview/2-up/4-up, etc.) appears to be missing.  Hovering mouse over the area where it should appear reveals individual buttons.  I can then open other documents in tabs and panel would be just fine there but the first document tab would stay glitchy until I close it.


      I wonder if anybody else is seeing it.  It's not really consistent for me.  Does not seem to depend on document size (in bytes or pixels).


      I am trying to figure out if it's Fireworks or my video card (Nvidia GT330M).


      Perhaps connected to this are two other annoying but not critical things:

      - on startup Fireworks starts drawing interface at certain size then slowly resizes itself to full screen, redrawing delay is just too large

      - whenever I save a document, it flashes white during save.  It's a relatively short flash, looks like it's semi-transparent too.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Can you supply more details about your set up? OS? Do you have the latest drivers for the video card? Anything else typically running?


          The white "flash" is I believe "as designed". To indicate the file is unavailable during the save.




          Jim Babbage

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            a.boukirev Level 1

            Windows 7 Pro 64-bit running on Sony VPC-Z1 laptop.  8GB of RAM, very fast SSD.  Unfortunately, I cannot compare this to Fireworks CS4, which I used on the same OS but different computer: this laptop replaced my previous machine.  FW CS4 worked very well for me. I have no issues thus far with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, or Flash CS5.  I was just interested to know if I hit something common with FW.  I'll keep poking it under various conditions until I find a reproducible case so that I could file a bug report.  Or not

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              a.boukirev Level 1

              I was not entirely correct.  I now also tested this with Fireworks directly opening file, not just "Edit with Fireworks."  Initially the "Original/Preview/2-up/4-up" bar is completely absent.  But, if I open another document, switch to its tab and switch back to original document, then I can partially reveal bar by hovering mouse over its supposed location.


              Also, turning tab into floating document window restores bar and I can then dock that window back, turning into tab, and keep the bar.  So, that's a workaround.


              And it does not appear to be a video card related as the same exact thing happens and with same random consistency when I switch my laptop into stamina mode (i.e. use built-in Intel chipset graphics).


              I'm off to file a bug report with Adobe.