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    "Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition..."


      "Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server. Retry | Setup"


      I'm attempting to hook DW CS5 into my Wordpress installation. I thought it seemed simple enough, but I'm stuck, frustrated, and confused.


      My testing server is running XAMPP and a brand new installation of wordpress.


      Remote server is running wordpress as well, with a test post or two.


      In the 'Files' window, I can view my files on local view, testing server, and remote server. The files within each are identical.


      Any help would be most appreciated. I've looked through the other thread here and followed the instructions I could find, but to no avail.






      - Site name: mysite

      - Local Site Folder: C:\Users\Me\Sites\mysite.com




      - Name: mysite.com

      - Address: mysite.com

      - Connection: SFTP

      - Remote/testing: Remote


      > Basic:

      - Server Name: mysite.com

      - Connect Using: SFTP

      - SFTP address: mysite.com

      - Port: 22

      - Username/password (set)

      - Root Directory: mysite.com/ (the root folder shows vhosts, mysite.com is the home directory)

      - Web URL: http://mysite.com/


      > Advanced:

      - Only 'Maintain synchronization information' is checked



      - Name: XAMPP

      - Address: C:/xampp/htdocs/wordpress/

      - Connection: Local/Network

      - Remote/testing: Testing


      > Basic:

      - Server Name: XAMPP

      - Connect Using: Local/Network

      - Server Folder: C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\

      - Web URL: http://localhost/


      > Advanced:

      - Testing Server - Server Model: PHP MySQL