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    Tailoring Webhelp to User Id's

      Please can anyone tell me if it is possible to restrict access to various parts of a webhelp system dependent on user id.
      We have certain areas of our help system that we do not want all of our users to be able to see and I need to know if it can be
      done without our developers having to wrap a load of code around the applications to restrict the views.


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Sorry but this is something that will have to be done by your developers.

          Essentially you would need all the protected topics hanging off of a folder with access to that folder protected. You would also need any attempt to access that folder to take the user to a Sorry Pal page telling them access is denied.

          Alternatively you could have two builds with the developers determining which one is used for a particular user.

          The other view is to question whether access to the help really does need to be restricted. I appreciate in some cases it really does but often it does no harm to see the help, indeed it can help users know they cannot do something but someone else can.

          If anyone who has implemented such a system can chip in, that would be very helpful.

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            jsibley1 Level 1
            Many thanks, I totally agree that help does not need to be restricted but had to ask the question.....politics and all that!