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    About color finesse 3.


      Hello everybody,I encountered a difficult problem,When I use the CF3 at CS5,No matter how I adjust its "match color" no response to anything,I used two "*.jpg Layer" and a "Adjustment Layer".The previous version seems to be no such problems.Anyway, This feature I have no way to use.Will someone come across this problem?Or know how it happened.Thank you very much!..

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          Bob Currier Level 3

          We're looking into this issue now.


          One thing to check is to make sure that the control tabs are being enabled (the checkbox on the tabs) after you click the match button. Seems that in at least some cases the controls are adjusted for the match, but without the tabs being enabled no color correction takes place.


          I'm not sure if this is the whole issue or not, but it's one thing we've seen during our investigation.


          Bob Currier

          Synthetic Aperture

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            wkyeufw Level 1

            Thanks, My other functions are normal,Only the "match color"have problem.