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    Scrolling without a scrollbar. Is it possible?




      Im trying to make a 2,5D look alike website. So i want that when the user go with the mouse to the edge of the page, that the page automatically adapts to the position where the mouse is. Is it possible to achieve this effect in Flash Catalyst, if so how?


      The way im trying right now to achieve this is by making some "invisible" buttons at corners of the site so when the mouse roll over them they "play transition to state". But its not really what im looking for because it kinda snap to the state and not really a smooth effect im looking for.

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hello There,


          Yes, it is possible in Catalyst, though the way to get this behavior properly would still be to go into Builder.


          What you'll need:

          1. The content you want to scroll

          2. The button(s) you want to cause the scrolling

          3. A video asset that plays for a short duration (we're going to use it as a timer)


          What you would basically do is this:

          Convert your artwork and controls to a Scroll Panel

          Make your control buttons start and stop a "Timer" instance of your video asset, which loops (option in the PI inspector)

          Add an "On Play Complete" Action Sequence to your Timer video instance, which moves your scrolling content


          I think that should get you going, let me know if you need more detailed instructions.


          Some caveats:

          This repeats a "Move" action, so there's going to be a bit of jerkiness

          To do this properly you really will need to customize it in Builder

          Try to use a short video asset with a small file size, or your project may become overly large

          You may want to add a "Move" action to the Roll Over button event to start the moving

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            TheOnig Level 1

            Thanks Bear,


            Your method look promising indeed. I will try it out when i am building the final application. sounds logical to me.

            right now i achieve the same kinda effect by using "invisible buttons" with rollovers that play an action sequence. It works for now. its only for a paper prototype now.