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    Important notice to PPBM Benchmark users with CS5!!!

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      If you have used the PPBM4 Benchmark with CS4 and now want to see the performance gain in CS5, with or without CUDA/MPE, there is one very important thing to be aware of.


      When you import the Benchmark project into CS5, the name will automatically be changed to Benchmark_1 in order to keep your CS4 project intact.


      If you haven't used the benchmark project under CS4, this will not apply to you.


      Now there are two approaches to make sure you will not run into trouble with the script later on.


      1. Save the project under its original Benchmark name, without the _1, overwriting the CS4 version, or


      2. When creating the AME queue, make sure that the filenames used to store the encoding results are benchmark.m2v and benchmark.avi and do NOT contain the _1 designation. Also check that the next 10 files are consecutively named as _1, _2, etc, but not as _1_1 or _1_2.


      Approach 1 is by far the simplest method.


      Hope this avoids or resolves problem you may encounter when running the script.


      Excuses for not mentioning this before, but I had completely forgotten about this adjustment in the past months. Thanks to Ernst for bringing this to my attention.