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        I have the feeling it's a saving to a network problem.


        If you're reading this and have this problem, are you saving to a network drive? If so, does the problem still occur when saving to a regular hard disk?


        I have the same problem that flash CS5 crashes during saves. This problem does not seem to occur when I save to a hard disk. (At home I work with files on my hard disk, but at work I work with files that are on a server). I work on a laptop and use Windows 7 64-bit and Flash CS5 (updated to the last version available for this date).


        If a server save is the problem then this might have to do that a small (maybe even a milisecond) of server interuption that causes flash to freeze up when during the file writing, resulting in a crash during save. If that's the case, it could be fixed easily right?


        I sure hope so, I lost quite a few hours en my folders are full of saved versions of 1 project.





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          tweeek80 Level 1

          In my case it happened when saving to a local hard disk. I copied a

          bunch of library symbols from a CS4 FLA into a CS5 FLA, tried to save >

          crash > could not load CS5 FLA anymore. The FLA:s were in different folders.


          No problems since saving every project as XFL instead of FLA.


          19.10.2010 14:16, nbshark123 kirjoitti:

          I have the feeling it's a saving to a network problem.


          If you're reading this and have this problem, are you saving to a network drive? If so, does the problem still occur when saving to a regular hard disk?


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            nbshark123 Level 1

            Maybe it's divided into two different problems. One occurs when saving from CS4 to CS5 and one to saving to a Network drive.


            My experience is that a file does not crash when working on a hard disk and the project being started in Flash CS5.

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              artoix Level 1

              I don't know why this discussion is marked as 'Answered'!? It is NOT answered! The discussion has started on May, it is November now, a few dozens of complaints from many people and... still NO fix and NO explanation!


              The problem IS: Flash CS5 instantly crashes when saving.


              I experience the problem every few minutes when saving. Then I have to restart the program and start over again where I ended with correct save (happily I haven't got corupt files... yet).


              • I do not work with resaved CS4 file - The original file was created in CS5 from scratch.
              • There are no corrupt assets in file library (actually there are only a few MovieClips at all in my library and no external assets).
              • I do not save file over network, but to a local disk


              And 'explanation' about 'corrupt assets' seems too odd after all... who cares? People pay money and for their money they get their time and work lost!!


              So, will we actually get any reply from Adobe? Is it going to be fixed? All of us have already lost quite a lot of time because if this issue, so I think it is worth attention finally.

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                Codefinger Level 1

                You're right, Artoix, personally I've switched to recommending unobtrusive Javascript (allowing for accessibility too, where rqd), since there's so much free JS awesomeness out there now, sorry Adobe - too much pain and anguish and not enough healing balm.

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                  artoix Level 1

                  Well, I think even though recent advancement in HTML and JS technologies gave quite robust tools for web development, these tools can not completely replace Flash. I'm not a fan of 'Flash vs. JS (or HTML5)' talks. I believe these two technologies have their own purpose and are not always interchangeable: for web applications - yes, for rich media presentations - hardly HTML/JS can replace Flash. ... but this talk is not for this topic.


                  After these troubles I've switched to saving as CS4 format (happily current project allows me to use CS4 format). But this is very inconvenient as I always have to us 'Save as' command and going through two prompting dialogs. %(  For CS5 project I would probably try saving in uncompressed CS5 format... until Adobe actually release some patch to fix this problem.

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                    nrajbhan Level 3



                    We fixed several of these issues in the 11.0.2 update.  Do you have this update?  http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html


                    Please let us know if this update fixes your issues or if your bugs still happen.




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                      artoix Level 1


                      I have automatic updates turned on and I install all updates it warns me on. Anyway, I've downloaded this update, but as the instalation completed within seconds after launch I think I've already had it installed - and Flash still crashes on saving CS5 format.


                      Besides there is other very unplesant bug - to avoid crashing currently I save my sources in CS4 format which is very inconvenient because of need to use Save as dialog, but which at least avoids Flash crashing. But I noticed that sometimes when I test project or simply publish SWF, Flash marks source file as saved (removes * from the file name in the tab) and also manages file as if it is saved, but it is not saved. So one time when I finished my work and simply closed the file expecting Flash to ask me for save I didn't get the dialog and the program simply closed the file with all my work I've done during that session lost!


                      I like new CS5 package, but due to such very very inconvenient bugs it becomes a very unpleasing experience using it, and as I see from this and many similar posts - not only for me.

                      I hope some patch that really fixes all these bugs would be released soon, as this is very important issue.





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                        So what now?


                        Did Adobe give up Flash due HTML5?


                        I payed a lot of money for this Sh*t, and Adobe is getting Bigger and Bigger!


                        Are the Adobe-Coders not able to fix such elementary Bugs?

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                          artoix Level 1

                          I've just spent another hour on unsaved work when Flash CS5 crashed again...

                          Each day 1-2 hours of my time goes on dealing with Flash crashes. Thats my final project with CS5 and I'm switching back to CS4 as it becomes damn nuts workin with this @$@%!

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                            Crash indeed, when using slider bar/time-frame bar too much. I know the program is glitchy, tho, is the bug only for xp?, will it help updating to vista?my work-giver uses vista, and apearently dont get the crash effect..or might there be som system files in vista which makes cs5 run more constant?..an xp patch maybe?

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                              Codefinger Level 1

                              I've been wondering about this too, not just Flash, but most of my CS5 suite, and also a few others apps that aren't Adobe related.


                              I'd heard that support for XP was being dropped by M$, but having read a bit about that I see its only XP SP2, not SP3, and they plan to continue supporting XPSP3 until 2015, new computers being offered the ability to downgrade from W7, simply because so many businesses aren't ready/can't afford to upgrade. So I really hope support / testing for apps made by Adobe, for XPSP3 isn't slackening... and here I was about to say "Well, it is a 10 year old OS".

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                                The Buke Level 1

                                I don't know whether anyone else has experienced the same issue as I have, but I work on a PC, and my client works on a mac. We both have CS5, however when I provide him my CS5 file, it will not open on his Mac. The other way around is fine, he can provide me with a CS5 file and I can open it no worries. The solution is to save it as CS4 and provide him the CS4 file to open in CS5, but that sounds ridiculous!! Anyone else had the same issue, or anyone know of another way to fix this issue??

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                                  artoix Level 1

                                  I'm using Windows 7 32bit and Flash crashes often! And I saw here complaints from people using MacOS and Win7 64bit So I can tell thats hardly an OS issue.

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                                    artoix Level 1

                                    damn! damn! damn! I swear this is my last project in CS5! It goes to the waste bin!

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                                      Clearly this issue hasn't been solved by Adobe yet. I have installed all the updates, and Flash CS5 still crashes when i save, and corrupts the file. Maybe Adobe doesn't care at all anymore.

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                                        FUNE78 Level 1

                                        Right, why should they care... get it they started to work a long time ago on a new Flash... they are like other American Companies simply not getting that without support poeple look for alternatives. In this case it could be a step back to CS3, where everything was ok.

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                                          This question is NOT answered.  Still experiencing Crashes and Corrupt files.

                                          Win7 x64 - Flash - I've been using CS5 for 2 days and had 5 crashes, and two corrupt files. This is unacceptable.


                                          How about they post recovery steps, since saving as a .zip gives access to all your files.


                                          How could this project get shipped with this issue? I'm dumbfounded.

                                          • 58. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                            FUNE78 Level 1

                                            I have contacted Adobe Customer Support, they said it is a known issue and they are working on it. Somehow I believe that they know it, but I do not think they will solve it before the new CS6 will come.

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                                              discorax Level 1

                                              The issue is with the DOMDocoument.xml file inside the zip.  It's being corrupted on save.  The rest of the pieces are in tact inside the zip.  What I would love is a way to transfer my LIBRARY assets into another .fla without a corrupt DOMDocument.xml file.


                                              Anyone have a process for this?

                                              • 60. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                discorax Level 1

                                                How do you import the LIBRARY assets from the .fla (as a zip) into another uncorrupt .fla file?

                                                • 61. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                  FUNE78 Level 1

                                                  If you have a compiled flash (swf), then you could try a decompiler, worked for me here. I know its not the smartest choice, but it did the job.

                                                  • 62. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                    FUNE78 Level 1

                                                    I also made good experience in saving my files locally and not on the network, lesser files get corrupted. It looks like the speed of the saving-procedure plays a big role here.

                                                    • 63. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                      discorax Level 1

                                                      I have posted RECOVERY STEPS for library items here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4453743/flash-cs5-crash-corrupted-files-how-can-i-get-m y-xml-library-assets-back-into-a/4453942#4453942


                                                      This does not recover your timeline, but it will give you back your LIBRARY items.  Hope this helps someone at least salvage something.

                                                      • 64. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                        It's December and I'm still getting a crash.


                                                        My file is saved as an XFL. I'm using the IK system with assets created entirely in CS5 no raster images in library. All 25 library items are built very efficiently the published swf is only 8K


                                                        It worked for a while until I started experimenting with Graphic symbols with multiple frames. I pet the symbol property of to Graphic from MC from the properties panel. When I went to constrain the IK the Graphic symbols started rendering frame 1 instead of 2 where I had it set. and then I could no longer move the bones I was trying to constrain. I restarted Flash and my computer to see if it would solve the problem but it repeated the same behavior several times. Finally when I went to save. CS5 crashed on me and corrupted the XFL.


                                                        Fortunately, I  has a previous version in SVN. So I started constraining the character again. This time without using graphic symbols and I was able to make it through the entire process without a crash.  


                                                        But now I am experiencing a different problem that I will start a new thread for. I have a large library that I am organizing of vector only files, some imported from Illustrator.


                                                        When I re-name some of the items other Movieclip items in the library lose their contents and all that is left is an empty symbol.

                                                        • 65. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                          artoix Level 1

                                                          That is incredible! Did someone tested Flash CS5 before releasing at all!!?? Or they simply opened that, saw that everuthing looks fine and started shipping? After reading about such problems it seems very like that!

                                                          • 66. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                            Codefinger Level 1

                                                            Wow. I'm glad the Flash community is so strong, because I'm reminded of loads of other software created by really small outfits who stop fixing the big bugs and move onto other, more interesting projects.

                                                            • 67. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                              FUNE78 Level 1

                                                              lol same here, they will most likely never fix it...

                                                              • 68. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                FUNE78 Level 1

                                                                Its 2011 and still no fix in this issue, sh*tf*cks.

                                                                • 69. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                                  Hi Adobe/Nivesh/whoever is monitoring this post,


                                                                  This issue is still not resolved.  I have a brand new Mac Pro workstation and every time I try to save a Flash file, it takes 5 minutes to save.  It always freezes at a certain point in the save process and finder displays Flash as "not responding" in the Force Quit window.  This is not normal behavior for any version of Flash up until now or any other software you make, for that matter.  I give you credit that it does save and does not corrupt the file, but based on user feedback you've received, you should be aware that this is a bug in the software and we need to know that you're planning on addressing it.


                                                                  If Flash cannot be relied upon, it cannot be used, and if your userbase rejects it, you can bet it will be bad for business.  It is also troubling that you have marked this post as "answered" when the consensus is that the problem still exists.


                                                                  Please confirm you are working on a fix for this issue and, if possible, provide an ETA.



                                                                  • 70. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                    digial uk

                                                                    Haha thanks for making me smile - people complain about anything!


                                                                    This forum is about Flash CS5 corrupting FLA files - which is a major bug and worth complaining about, but everyone who has seen this bug should report it to Adobe - https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform so they know about it, don't expect them to read this forum.


                                                                    I bet you it doesn't actually take 5 minutes to save - just seems like that. Are you saving to a network path, i have seen many apps 'not responding' while saving to network (slow connection) locations not just Flash. Or maybe your FLA is corrupt or has complex objects in it which Flash is taking its time over.


                                                                    Good morning everyone in England



                                                                    • 71. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                      Armitage-Art Level 1

                                                                      No problem, glad to make you smile =)


                                                                      While it may be a completely unconnected issue and I may be complaining in the wrong place, my assumption is that it's associated because CS4 saved the same files much more quickly, on a slower Macbook Pro no less.  I've upgraded to CS5 with a brand new Mac Pro workstation and everything in CS5 runs like a dream--except Flash when I save.  I should clock it, it may be more like 3 minutes, but it's a long save, and the program doesn't respond during the save.  I'm not saving to a network, this is my personal machine and I'm saving directly to my HDD.  FLA is not corrupt because it saves fine.  It does have some complex objects, vector brush drawings, but nothing that took so long in CS4 on a slower machine.


                                                                      I think Flash's saving engine is just buggy, and I'm fortunate with a really fast machine.  I assume if I force quit Flash during the save that it would certainly corrupt my file, considering it's mid-save.


                                                                      Not trying to complain about everything, but there is a definite issue and Adobe hasn't said or done anything to address it yet.


                                                                      - Patrick

                                                                      • 72. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                        VeryVito Level 1

                                                                        At least a few of us have reported this bug "officially," and we've actually spoken with Adobe folks who appeared to be working on it. As for "people complain about anything," well... for many of us, Flash has been a huge part of our livelihood, and if the tools are broken, so is our ability to continue providing our services to others.


                                                                        And now for a bit of a tangent:


                                                                        Personally, it hasn't been as big a deal for me as it might have been, other than the cost of the CS5 upgrade in the first place. I was able to return to CS3 and continue to work with it as I had in the past. Honestly, I haven't missed anything from CS5... and I can truthfully say I have no plans to install it again (at least until I hear this issue is solved) nor upgrade to any future versions.


                                                                        It's not sour grapes; it's just the way things have worked out: Adobe released a broken tool at about the same time Apple and the tech media started convincing people to abandon the Flash player in favor of other technologies.  In a way, Adobe itself helped make its opponents' case and pushed me to explore other options (clients were asking for other technologies, and the Flash authoring tools had suddenly become a huge PITA to keep running). I still consider myself a Flash developer, but the amount of "Flash" stuff I'm developing lately is negligible compared to the HTML/Javascript/Cocoa/WebGL work I'm doing, and it's certainly not worth the hassle of upgrading to more expensive and less reliable tools when CS3 works just fine when I need it.

                                                                        • 73. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                          discorax Level 1

                                                                          This bug has resulted in my creative studio (6 offices in 3 countries) completely skipping CS5. We work on centralized network server for our asset creation and this bug makes CS5 unstable and unusable for us.


                                                                          Way more than sour grapes here. Our IT department has officially reported the bug and the only thing worse that Flash CS5 is Adobe support!


                                                                          It really does seem like the CS5 file structure change is in 'beta' and CS5 is the public beta and you probably shouldn't be charging for beta quality product.

                                                                          • 74. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                            digial uk Level 1

                                                                            i too know Adobe knows about the bug and is working on it.


                                                                            Hopefully they will release more bug fixes for this, but they are aiming to release CS5.5 soon and charge for it!

                                                                            • 75. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                              Codefinger Level 1

                                                                              I'm knocking on the largest piece of wood we have in the office just as I say this, but the latest patches seem to have removed any further trouble for me, on WinXPSP3.


                                                                              Having said that, I think VeryVito has said something very sensible. Its definately a trend and Adobe are making it easier to justify moving away from a platform that is expensive and now unreliable upon release, at least for some of us. I too have reported the bug, and got a response, I sent files et al - and heard no further, one can only assume the issue is being worked on - and I'm not confident at all that just because I haven't seen the bug(s) when I've had to open an FLA and edit (read: not dare to start a new file), that it won't return to haunt me.


                                                                              @Armitage-Art - 3 minutes or 5 minutes, it doesn't matter eh? I am an avid saver, because saving has always stood me in good stead. if I look up from my pc, I save, if I copy a large chunk of code, I save. If I don't remember saving in the last few minutes, I save... those 3-5 minutes would stack up rather quickly and annoyingly if I were experiencing the bug you have been!


                                                                              ps. I had so many woes with installing CS5 when CS3 was still installed, that I had to remove them both, and start from scratch. Then, in dismay I tried to uninstall CS5 and get CS3 back on board - but then the same serial issues cropped up - and thank goodness I was able to re-install CS5. So I'm stuck with that package until my manager allows me to waste further non-chargeable hours formatting my machine and putting CS3 back on.

                                                                              • 76. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                Alesclandre Level 1

                                                                                @digial uk : Hey, you know what ? That's 2 weeks I try to send a bug report to Adobe (Flash crashes as soon as you leave it for 20mn on my Mac...). That's 2 weeks that when I submit my form, it says "error processing your request" !!.....

                                                                                But Adobe has foreseen this, and they fortunately redirect you to a "                 Customer Service form" . But you click on it, and... yes: "error processing your request"....

                                                                                • 77. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                  FUNE78 Level 1

                                                                                  oh they want money for 5.5? they know alot of their customers will not accept this?

                                                                                  • 78. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                                                    I'm having the exact same problem. Flash CS5 keeps crashing and corrupting files.

                                                                                    • 79. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                                                      same here!

                                                                                      flash crash when saving.

                                                                                      so glad its not only me.

                                                                                      also, it sometimes duplicated symbols and scenes before it crashes, did anyone here experience that?

                                                                                      if the scenes window is open you can clearly see that the scenes "magicly" all duplicates, and after that it crashes all together...

                                                                                      hours of work gone to waste...