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        FUNE78 Level 1

        that happens if you copy from older files to a CS5-file... also movieclips very often do not store actualized images. i stay with my statement, sh*tf*ucks at adobe... you sell me a bugged version for the full money, if the next demo is still that buggy i will not pay anymore for your software, because its useless and not worth any money.

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          FUNE78 Level 1

          the only reason why i use flash cs5 is because its compatible with illustrator cs5... imagine that, so much new stuff that does not work!

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            I had this problem in earlier versions. I didn't read all the responses but you probably need

            more ram memory. That was the problem I had.

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              FUNE78 Level 1

              12GB is way to less RAM i know... its definitly not a RAM-Issue...

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                Same problem here, also while performing different tasks than saving.


                Selecting two .png's from the library (saved with PS cs5, can preview in library) and dragging them onto stage (or any other mc).

                Select the two items on stage and press F8, choose button, hit ok or whatever.

                In .fla the thing just crashes with an incomprehensible error report.

                in .xfl I get a "not enough memory" popup and then I get tons of copy's of the two images in my library with name blank.


                This is a brand new cs5 file, local file saving

                Windows 7 32bit

                Updated with fix 11.02 (latest update available through updater)


                so xfl doesn't fix the problem for me either!


                this is still unsolved!!!


                possible solutions:

                1. back to cs3 (but no flash10)
                2. everything in as3 and compile with flex sdk
                3. adobe: get it fixed and don't ignore us!
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                  delneet_ Level 1

                  seems not to crash when creating a button with just 1 image selected... (in .fla)

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                    I CAN'T believe this!  I've been working on this project for six months - last branch two weeks ago and it had been saving fine. Now it crashes and corrupts the file. Client is in TOMORROW MORNING to approve the final version before we launch. This is beyond unacceptable. AS3, CS5, local drive, Vista.  I could cry...  So there's still no fix???

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                      FUNE78 Level 1

                      only solution that worked for me was to decompile a SWF-file.

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                        czeloth Level 1

                        We have now officially gone back to Flash 4 in the marketing department in my company (300 employees). Luckily, the IT-department still could supply us with the old versions. And it's clear that we will be sceptical towards new releases from Adobe, and not upgrade untill we now for sure that the software indeed is finished, and not just a working beta. Very sad indeed. 

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                          artoix Level 1

                          I personally (1 employee) gone back to Flash CS4 too.

                          No irony here, czeloth. I absolutelly agree - Flash CS5 despite its new very useful functions is a complete crap due to its many bugs that make working with itprofessionally impossible.

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                            Hi everyone!


                            I might have found a solution, though currently i am testing this through trial and error; with much success however.


                            It seems that Flash cs5 or Photoshop cs5 does not like to 'save as' without a typed file extension. If you could try this and let me know that would be wonderful!


                            1. file > save as

                            2. project_filename

                            3. project_filename.fla       //type and add the .fla extension to the end of the file name.

                            4. save


                            I hope this helps.


                            Take care,

                            Robert J. Olaithe


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                              daniel_sedlacek Level 1

                              This is ridiculous!!! Adobe wake up!!!


                              It's April 2011 and this bug hasn't been adressed yet! The whole Flash CS5 is totally useless!!!


                              I have the latest update and Win XP SP3.

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                                Truly Amazing.  I just lost 2 days of work because of this not two days in a row but two full days on this project because of Adobe and their inept handling of this issue.  Wow, I cannot believe the first post on this thread came a year ago and now CS5.5 is out and they never fixed it and yet at the rate my company charges we just lost thousands of dollars of work due to Adobe not bothering to do anything about this.  I thought I was wise to after it happened the first time and decided to start making copies but my last crash using Save as corrupted both my current file and the one I was saving to, how is this even possible, you actually have to try real hard to make code this bad.  Seriously, in all my time of using graphics software I have never seen anything this maddening.  Adobe you owe my company about 2 grand as of today for my trouble alone.  This is just ridiculous  I am so mad!!!

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                                  Codefinger Level 1

                                  I know it isn't a perfect option, and I know it isn't always viable depending on requirements set forth by clients - but since investing 0,000's in Flash CS5 for licenses, staff hours, contractor hours, only to have corrupt files, way too much install troubleshooting, and zero power to do anything about it - responsibly degrading AJAX and CSS solutions have pretty much become a standard alternative for our company. There's an ever-dwindling list of functionalities the JS and opensource community can't offer as an alternative to Flash apps, and imo there's better developer and designer support for open technologies.


                                  Sure, we're not delivering nicely bundled swf files for Ad providers, nor producing mass Flash games - but perhaps various agencies out there could start to open a few doors and allow alternative delivery techniques which... can probably offer more anyway, esp. with gzipped component caching, frameworks, animations and SVG support etc. Perhaps moves like this would shock Adobe into taking their customer base more seriously in (increasing) situations where one of their flagship RIA creators is obviously faulty.


                                  Anyway, we never heard anything about our failed CS5 attempt, except that we couldn't get our money back. So we're not upgrading to 5.5, or 6, or CSX, unless the Game changes completely - in other words - unless there's a totally viable, reliable reason to move back into Flash-world, and then we'd pick and choose our Flash projects even more carefully. It's over for us for now, we've found more reliable solutions to keep up with the high standards many of our users expect - and they don't expect Flash.


                                  Sorry if this is a bash Adobe, I would never have seen myself being as frank as this in the past - but the truth's the truth, like the last post states - its been over a year since this (and many other) thread started. Many of us have filed bug reports, sent files through, given as much detail as we apparently can... all just to be sent to another website to pay for an upgrade.


                                  Rant. Over.

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                                    Hi, sgiff
                                    Which platform are you working on (mac or window)? Which version of Flash? Can you please email your fla to us at FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com? Unfortunately, our mail filter cannot accept .zip file. If you are to zip your fla, please change the file extension from .zip to .zzz.



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                                      Platform Win7:


                                      This thread is a year old and there is still no fix?? Its a disgrace that the new version of CS5 I recently is still almost unusable. What is going on??

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                                        dmeN Level 5

                                        Same Here. Brand new Win 7 64bit machine, with brand new install of CS5. For the past week I keep experiencing crashes while saving which results in a corrupt file. So every hour I keep copying the file to a new file so I only lose that much... sometimes save works, many times Flash crashes and corrupts. Really sux. We have CS5.5 on order, and I certainly hope this glaring bug has been addressed. It is causing me many wasted hours of time. FWIW - my co-worker is also experiencing crashing while saving in Photoshop.

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                                          Daniel Gimness Level 1

                                          Beware!! Don't save your Flash CS5 file on a network drive such as DROPBOX or it could not OPEN!


                                          This happened to me. Tried to open the fla after saving to DROPBOX and said, "file was in an unrecognized format."


                                          Save locally, often and multiple versions of the same file such as your file_v1, yourfile_v2, etc.



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                                            Daniel Gimness Level 1

                                            For those poor people who lost work, here's a possible way to recover your fla:


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                                              AHMED M.HASHEM

                                              Hey All,


                                              Me and my team was facing the same problem for a very bad bad week. After that we was working and tried to save our work as (.XFL) the uncompressed flash document extension, and it's been working for a day right now while I'm talking to you and guess what, WITHOUT ANY CRASH AT ALL!!!!!!!

                                              Just try it and tell me!!!



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                                                FUNE78 Level 1

                                                I had this problem very often because i work with dozens of flash-files, the problem is as far i know mostly gone. We invested in faster and more reliable network-storage, which makes the saving process somehow more stable. Also we upgraded the firmware of all our network-adaptors and put the driver in default mode. In the end i still make alot more copies of my work, to be honest thats something you should anyway have. We work with Win7x64, on a Mac we simply could not bring it to work, still this bug, it happens not that often anymore but we could not upgrade the network-adaptor-firmware of our Mac-Stations.

                                                • 101. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                  Hi, everyone.


                                                  I'm very frustrated. For about three days now, I've been having the same problem as the OP. I'm working with Flash in CS5 and every time I import using the "external library" flash will not allow me to save. Instead in gives me the pinwheel of death -- then crashes. It happens no matter what I try. I'm on a macbook pro labtop - (the one with the silver keys) and I'm still using OS 10.5.8. I've had issues with other CS5 programs but nothing like this. Is there anyone I can send my file to, who can maybe take a look at it? Im working on a project for class, so FLASH is not really my thing. I'd really appreciate some help on this... adobe has continued to disappoint me  ... At one point I had issues in CS4 with InDesign...but that's an entirely different and depressing story. Nevertheless, my project is due tomorrow by 2pm, and this issues is really destroying my life right now.


                                                  Any help is greatly appreciated,



                                                  • 102. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                    Let me see if I can help or at least get more details in order to figure out what is going on.


                                                    Can anyone confirm that the 11.0.2 patch fixed any of their issues? I realize many of you probably installed it and you may still have a problem, but I would like to know if it helped some?

                                                    If you haven't installed it or are not sure wich patch you did install you can find it at  http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html 


                                                    Has anyone tried creating a different user account and doing the same steps? this will create a completely different set of config files, prefs, and other user specific files that may be causing a problem.


                                                    Is anyone working with files on a server or external drive? if so, what happens when you work with them locally?


                                                    were the files that have the problem created in a different version of Flash and then opened in CS5? or were they created in CS5?


                                                    has anyone upgraded or tried donwloading a trial of CS5.5 and tested the same files? (no, this is not an attempt to make to upgrade. we did make some changes in 5.5 and this could help us narrow down the issue)


                                                    last, would anyone be willing to share the files they are having problems with so we can test them.



                                                    • 103. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                      thatlavenderblonde Level 1

                                                      So, after doing a couple of things with my laptop the problem miraculously fixed itself. I'm not sure what the problem was or what fixed it but what I did was: trash all the preferences for flash and trashing all the suggestions from this forum: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/520/cpsid_52048.html

                                                      Im working off my flash drive, but even when I work off my desktop I get the same problem. I ran Disk Utility to repair permissions on both my flash and my local hard drive. It found a few errors. I tried opening my file and importing, but flash still crashed after attempting to save. Finally, I just kept trying to open it and save, and after about the 5th time, suddenly Flash no longer crashed. I was able to work on my project without any interruptions.


                                                      For me, it had to be by the grace of God, because I lost all hope and was ready to admit defeat. I'm not sure why this happened, or how to fix it, but I will probably never work with flash again unless I really have to.


                                                      Thanks for your response.



                                                      • 104. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                        FUNE78 Level 1

                                                        Richard if you work for Adobe, i think it's an absolute joke if you ask questions here instead of bringing up a solution. Everything you need to fix is in this thread for over 1 year, realise that alot people wont buy any new flash-versions till this crap is fixed. And it has nothing to do with a specific file, it is flash that saves corrupted files on slow network-drives and slow hard-drives, that easy.

                                                        • 105. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                          RichGalvan Level 1

                                                          I do work for Adobe and we did offer a solution with the 11.0.2 patch; for many it fixed the problem. However, it seems we may have overlooked a problem, and that is why I am asking the questions.  Also, I ask the questions because in many cases we can't reproduce the issue with the files that users send us. In some cases purging all the user config files fixes the issue. As for the network dirve comment;  in some cases we do see that network drives can cause problems, but if you read the thread many people are not using external or network dirves.

                                                          I am just trying to get more details to figure out the solution.

                                                          • 106. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                            avirambo2008 Level 1

                                                            i'm still having this problem, eventhough i have high speed hard drive, memory and cpu.

                                                            my h.d is intel SSD.

                                                            sometime after hour or so working on flash, it crashes when i try to save, it says inssufficent memory or somthing and currept the file open (but it wont save, fortunetly).

                                                            i found this happening when i'm not restarting often (after couple of hours without restart). it mostly happens when i try to select multiple symbols and wrap them up into one symbol. crash!

                                                            oh, there is a connection to the applications the run on the desktop. when it crashes, if i will close flash and restart the program- it will produce the same result until i restart or close all applications.
                                                            i think when firefox runs it happens more often.


                                                            i have 64bit Win7, 8GB RAM ddr3 , 160Gb SSD drive.

                                                            • 107. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                              FUNE78 Level 1

                                                              Stop to talk trash, it not solved the major problems people have with flash cs5. since the last macromedia version passed, flash was only buggy due to the lame support by adobe, you have not released a single version that worked properly.It's still a real joke when you begin now to collect data to get rid of the bugs, it's something you should have done 1 year ago, dude 1 year! Flash CS5 is less buggy than CS4, but the filecorruption is just the top of the iceberg.


                                                              I handle 300-400 of flashfiles every month and I have learned to work around all the issues, alot of bugs can easily be reproduced, even you could reproduce them. People do not just want new functions, people want a working program which is reliable and does what it is expected to do.


                                                              If you want you can e-mail me so I can send you files and explain some bugs the software has, also how you can reproduce the errors (well at least some).

                                                              • 108. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                                I am running CS5.5 and am also having crashing issues during save. I know that it couldnt be due to images because there are none in the library. So far I have only set up a blank canvas and a class attached to it... when i save the class i get repeated quitting... ugh... so frustrating especially since you need to save before you can run the app. I have uninstalled flash and then reinstalled in a few times now and it seems to be ok for a little while but then CRASH all over again.

                                                                • 109. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                  Sukhi12 Level 1

                                                                  Hi ,


                                                                  Please describe your OS and hardware you are using, as well as what   are the changes you made before saving .



                                                                  Can you please email your fla to us at FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com? Please note that our filter system cannot accept .zip file.


                                                                  If you are to zip your fla, please change the file extension from .zip to .zzz.





                                                                  Flash Authoring

                                                                  • 110. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                    RJOlaithe Level 1

                                                                    Hello everyone!


                                                                    I submitted a post a while ago:



                                                                    It seems that Flash cs5 or Photoshop cs5 does not like to 'save as' without a typed file extension. If you could try this and let me know that would be wonderful!


                                                                    1. file > save as

                                                                    2. project_filename

                                                                    3. project_filename.fla       //type and add the .fla extension to the end of the file name.

                                                                    4. save


                                                                    I see many people are still getting problems. After experimenting with the above since Mar 23, 2011, i have encountered no crashes and no corrupt files.


                                                                    I suggest Adobe has a look at the code that deals specifically with auto filling file-extensions.


                                                                    Good luck and take care,

                                                                    Robert J. Olaithe


                                                                    • 111. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                      Sukhi12 Level 1

                                                                      Hi Paracosms,


                                                                      I  was able to save the file without any issue  as per your steps.


                                                                      Flash Auto fills the file extension as per the Save As Type  even if you remove it in filename .


                                                                      Do you see any Error  message ?  Let me know I can look into it .





                                                                      • 112. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                        _willCrain Level 1

                                                                        Hi Sukhbir,

                                                                        So I uninstalled Flash CS5.5 and reinstalled it and I havent had a crashing issue since. I am still unable to get the Show code Hint to work, which has never really worked for me in CS5 or CS5.5. BUT NOW, when i try to publish out an iOS app to test on a device it says:


                                                                        iOS publishing requires files which are not installed. Please quit Flash Professional and run the original installer to ensure that all optional components are installed.


                                                                        So i quit then reinstalled... still wont publish for mobile for any project, even if i create a new blank doc... ugh, please tell me you have any ideas to help me out. any other prefs that i can take out then reinstall more than the uninstall does by itself?


                                                                        system specs:

                                                                        Mac OSX 10.6.7

                                                                        2x 2.66 GHz 6-Core

                                                                        26GB RAM

                                                                        Plenty of HD space to go around

                                                                        Running Adobe Master CS5.5 Suite

                                                                        Flash Profesional Version

                                                                        Flash Builder Version 4.5.1



                                                                        This brings me to another issue, which i might need to bring up somewhere else, but i tried to update my laptop to Flash Builder 4.5.1 and it isnt registering an available update. ??? how can i get 4.5.1 on my laptop like my desktop?



                                                                        • 113. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                          Sukhi12 Level 1


                                                                          Hi willcrain ,


                                                                          Good to hear that you dont see any Flash Crashes .


                                                                          Regarding  IOS Error    Mostly the error comes up only when Packager for AIR for iOS (PFI) isn't installed.  Can you check  if you have the latest SDK folder  placed correctly after the installation.




                                                                          During Flash Pro CS 5.5 installation, did you  uncheck anything from our default check boxes? 




                                                                          • 114. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                            _willCrain Level 1

                                                                            I unchecked all of the other apps (PS, AI, AE, FB, etc) because i didnt want to have to set all of my preferences and plugins up again for them. I left the Flash Pro options all checked however, Media Encoder and 2 others (cant remember off the top of my head). I installed over top of the app the first time then the second time i used the uninstaller, then the third i manually went in and deleted the app folder and the preferences from the library/prefs.


                                                                            As far as i can tell the SDK folder is in correctly but i am not sure exactly where everything would be.





                                                                            • 115. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                                              This is still happening. I had CS3 fully purchased version and was working on files no problem. I downloaded the trial CS5.5 and opened my FLA's. I had worked on them for about 5 or 6 hours today already and didn't back them up. I didn't think it was possible for CS5.5 to actually delete the files. lol. Well anyway flash deleted the files and the message that it couldnt save them still occurs. No patch works for me as it says that 11.02 doesnt apply to me because I am fully updated. This product was obv rushed to meet an unmanagable release date which so often the case with bad software. Take your time and push out good products guys or the open source community is going to eat your lunch.

                                                                              • 116. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                Sukhi12 Level 1




                                                                                I'm sorry for the inconvience it has caused . Can you please let me know what you did before saving the file in CS5.5


                                                                                You have mentioned that you have Flash CS3.  Did you open an existing CS3 file in CS5.5 ?


                                                                                Did you save the file as CS5.5 ? Did the file got deleted  from the folder or reverted back to previous verion ?


                                                                                We are actively looking into reproducing the issue so please send me as much as information as you can.




                                                                                Flash Authoring

                                                                                • 117. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                  Aslak Sørli

                                                                                  Same problem here, saving files on the network ocasionally leads to corrupted files, loosing days worth of work. And yes, saving the files locally works just fine, but sadly that is not an option. I need to produce animations fast and efficient, and spending time copying hundreds of files all over my company nework is not going to help me do that.


                                                                                  Can this be related to memory usage and avilable memory? It seems if i limit the applications open it seems more stable, when i open many files and copy/paste large chunks of data it happens more frequently.

                                                                                  • 118. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving

                                                                                    How's it going, man? I did what you said. I saved the corrupted file as a zip, and extracted the contents. I.ve got a bunch of .xfl and ,xml files. I tried to open them in Flash, but they won't. Am I doing something wrong? How do I gain access to my library items now? Is there a specific program I need? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

                                                                                    • 119. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                      4ordeeownz Level 1

                                                                                      Hey, Guy

                                                                                      Ignore my last post. I figured it out. Thanks anyway.