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    AE CS5 restarts my PC without error log


      In Windows 7 64 bit and After Effects CS5 I have following problem: make  DV PAL composition and put DV clip in composition, scrubbing through DV  movie (green short lines or dots are visible above timeline) and when I  entered SPACE to play DV video, after 2-3 seconds my PC just restarts.  There is no BSOD and there is no DUMP file (although I turned on those  options within Windows 7). I also checked 4GB of my RAM through 7 passes  with 0 errors.


      Proc: Athlon64 X2 5000+
      Mem: 4GB DDR2 RAM
      Graphics:  ATI Radeon HD3870


      In AE CS4 with same configuration (but  WinXP) I didn't have problems.


      Any idea what can be the reason?  How to detect where is the problem?

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          ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

          Two things can do this to your PC: Bad Memory or Bad Driver. This isn't something easy for AE to trigger.


          What OS?

          What version of AE?

          what graphics card are you running?

          What kind of computer?



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            No answer?


            I know you posted these questions on other forums as well, but these kinds of crashes really elude even the most telepathically gifted. I'm afraid this is really something that only someone can resolve who is actually able to see what beeps and messages your computer produces while it crashes. You can of course always do the usual of checking your graphics driver, other devices that may have bad drivers (see here for guidance) BIOS settings for your PCI bus and all that, but beyond that I don't see how we as forum users would be able to provide further help.



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              Stile35_DJ Level 1

              I know it is almost mission impossible to detect why my PC just restarts on this simple task: import DV, put DV on timeline, enter SPACE to preview DV -> PC restarts after 2-3 seconds. There is no beep, there is no error log, there is no error event in event viewer. Also I mentioned in my original post which configuration I have and that I tested memory already.


              Next I will try to install AE CS5 on fresh Windows 7 64-bit OS without any drivers, after that I will try to change my ATI card to nVidia to see if it solves the problem. I will let you know...