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    Wide Gamut Monitors and Over-saturated Colors


      I'm using a wide gamut monitor (HP LP2475w 24-inch LCD) and OS X 10.6.3 and when I open images in Fireworks all the colors are over-saturated. This is not an issue in Photoshop or Illustrator.


      It has made working in Fireworks impossible for me because all the colors are off. This was a problem in CS4 and it STILL hasn't been fixed in CS5. What is going on guys?

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          I asked the same question a year ago.



          Fireworks doesn't need to be color corrected although it maybe useful at times. You should use a good calibrator like iOne Display or Spider Pro to really fix this monitor default color gamut. HP where a bit lazy in this department but overall it's a great monitor for the price.

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            harperlieblich Level 1

            I'm using the Spider Pro to calibrate my monitor and everything looks great in Photoshop, Illustrator and Firefox 3.5 with color management turned on. But the lack of color management in Fireworks is still a problem because I'm not seeing the colors the way they will look on most people's monitors. I can't design unless I can see what most people will be seeing.


            Fireworks should be using that ICC profile that my calibrator generated but instead its sending the colors to the monitor raw. This is what's causing the over-saturation. This really is quite unacceptable.

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              Goomi Level 1

              Well, I guess you will have to get used to it until someone at Adobe will do something about it. I had the same problem when I first started using my HP monitor but I got used to it. It's mostly the reds that are a bit painful looking. you should use a second cheap monitor for reference though. I use my mac book pro as reference and the difference is about 10%. Don't get so over concerned about it. Try reducing the brightness to about 14 and contrast to 100. This monitor has a very strong brightness that should be lower significantly.



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                You guys should check on this:



                apparently firefox si to blame for the oversaturation on wide gamut monitors.



                I don't know about the fireworks problem, I am experiencing over saturation when exprorting from lightroom and viewing in most of the apps (but the export looks ok in photoshop)