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    Managed Monkey Patch not working with Flash Builder and Flex 4


      My company recently decided to upgrade to Flex 4 and Flash Builder. We have ran into a problem with a Monkey Patch being used on all of our value objects.


      The Monkey Patch is for mx.data.IManaged and mx.data.utils.Managed. This monkey patch enables us to use the 'managed' metadata tag without having LDS.


      I don't like Monkey Patches, and I know that we should not be using them. It is my goal to get rid of this Monkey Patch but in the short term, I need a solution to get around the following problem.


      I get the following compiler error for all objects that are using the 'managed' metadata tag:


      Implicit coercion of a value of type com.active.services:ElectronicAddress to an unrelated type Object.

      This object worked fine before the upgrade,even casting the object as an 'Object' does not get rid of all the compiler errors.