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    cfpdfform (CF8) changes text-field font of an adobe 9 pdf form to Courier

    PhilSkaroulis Level 1

      I'm having problems getting cfpdfform to render the text-field font as it exists in the source pdf form.


      The source pdf form was created in Acrobat 9 Standard.


      When I download the pdf from the server using cfcontent, the text-fields look as expected, retaining their designated font (and the pdf has the desired fonts embedded).


      However, when I do a cfpdfform action="populate", the text-field font is switched with Courier (even though the desired fonts remain embedded).


      This happens regardless of what font I pick.


      I have verified that the font exists on the server and in cf admin.


      Here's my code:



      <!--- populate --->
      <cfpdfform action="populate"
                 destination = "#pdfPathFile#"
                 overwrite = "yes">


          <cfpdfformparam name="student_name" value="first name and last name" />
          <cfpdfformparam name="certificate_title" value="a cool certificate title" />
          <cfpdfformparam name="certificate_date" value="1/1/2010" />




      <!--- make read-only --->
      <cfpdf action = "write"
             destination = "#pdfPathFile#"
             source = "#pdfPathFile#"
             flatten = "yes"
             overwrite = "yes"  />


      <!--- return the content --->
          file = "#pdfPathFile#"
          deleteFile = "yes"
          reset = "yes"
          type = "application/pdf" />


      Commenting out the cfpdf action = "write" block produced the same outcome.


      Using different source and destination filenames (vs overwriting  existing one) didn't make a difference, either.


      Any ideas on how I can get cfpdfform to respect my predefined text-field fonts?


      I truly appreciate your time.