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    Printer Suggestions


      I'm using CS5 and my graphic images aren't printing as clearly as I would like. My images have very small details that do not come out when printed. It's almost like the ink is bleeding and the small detailed shapes are running together, if that makes sense. It looks pretty pathetic actually. Also, my lines look like they were drawn with a marker (slight bleed). I've tried converting to PDF and get similar results. The images look very sharp on the screen, the only issue seems to be when printing; especially when printing small images. I am currently using an Epson Photo Stylus inkjet printer. I've contacted Epson support and they suggested that I upgrade to a printer with Rip (?) software. I'm not familiar with this technology. Is it recommended? Any specific printer recommendations??? Primary use will be for detailed, colorful graphics. I prefer not to spend more than $1,000. Thanks for your help.



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          Hi Tommy,


          I havn't checked the specs on your printer, but i remember years ago we had a little epson which printed terrible, especially vector artwork (Illustrator).

          Back then we added a software RIP, which basically converts all the data before it sends it to the printer, and while this did produce better results, was still a crappy printer


          For sharper results, i'd recommend a laser printer.  This is a step up from an inkjet printer.  Check out epson or even HP website.



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            Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Check the Dell website and look for a refurbished 3110 color laser. It comes with true Adobe PS3 software. Should be about $350-400.