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    AS3 Training Courses in Australia

    The Buke Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am a fairly proficient AS2 developer, however the work I do is for Government departments, and I have only been able to develop for Flash Player 7. Because of this I haven't had the need to learn AS3.


      This will be changing in a few months, so I really want to get up to speed with AS3 as quickly as I can. I am looking for a compnay that does AS3 training, in particular a course that teaches AS2 to AS3 training. I know it doesn't correlate and match perfectly, but currently follow OOP, and I don't need to learn how to use Flash.


      I have found a few courses which cover Flash and touch on AS3, and I have found a course that concentrates on AS3 from scratch, but I was interested in hearing everyone's thoughts in what they think is the best course, best company, or best ways to get trained up as soon as possible.


      Thanks guys!