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    H264 - moov atom - Progressive Flash Video


      Love in CS5 that I can export H264 that works directly in Flash! But, when doing movies for Progressive download it looks like AE is putting the “moov atom”  at the end of the file instead of beginning. Is there an option/setting/switch somewhere that I can change to move that 'moov atom' so the MP4's will start playing immediately rather than downloading all the way when playing through Flash?


      I am using the QTIndexSwapper tool by Renaun Erickson which works great (http://renaun.com/blog/2008/02/25/250/) but I was curious to see if there was anyway to do this inside of AE.


      There was mention of possibly adding this in from an older Developer Connection Article: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/hd_video_flash_player_02.html


      "Important considerations when streaming H.264 content

      One important thing about playing an H.264 video file as progressive download is that themoov atom needs to be located at the beginning of the file, or else the entire file will have to be downloaded before it begins playing. The moov atom is a part of the file that holds index information for the whole file. Unfortunately, tools such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects place this information at the end of the file, but Adobe is working to fix this in a future update to the CS3 video production tools. This isn't an issue for streaming the H.264 video files, however, so Flash Media Server users can breathe easy."