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    Frustrated: No visible camera movement through 3d


      Hope someone can help me, an AE beginner.  Here's what I want to do and haven't been able to so far.  I want to move one camera in a simple, slightly curving path through 3D and have it move towards and then past stationary still photos. 


      What I have so far. 

      One comp consisting of 5 layers.  All layers set to 3D.

      Top layer is a solid with fractal noise effect animated creating a fog/cloudy look (background)  Z axis= 200

      2nd layer is a still photo scaled pretty small.  Appears as small rectangle in front view.   Z axis=  -- 200


      3rd layer is a null object. (entitled camera master)  This layer/cam follows simple straight motion path from Z axis = -- 400 to 450, all the way through

      photo layer and solid (foggy/cloudy) layer.

      4th layer is a null object entitled camera movement and its parent is "camera master" layer

      5th layer is 35mm camera and its parent is "camera movement layer".

      (got this camera set-up somewhere on internet.)

      Basic set up is one camera with a 2D photo in front of it and a solid object (set at comp height/width) in the background.  Space between each.  Camera path is straight line through both to a spot behind 1st layer (foggy background).


      When I preview/play this in custom view the camera moves right through and past both top layers which seems to be what I want...that is the camera moving towards the photo...it growing larger and sliding past camera and off frame and approaching background, going through it and out to nothing...but this does not happen....there is absolutely no visible movement on the photo's or background's part.  Now i know I could animate it and put it on a motion path to scale up or move towards the cam. etc... but this is AE...can't I "dolly" a camera through/around stationary objects/layers?


      Hope someone can help me here because I'm stuck.