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    Recrod User Voice & audio from video


      I'll explain my requirement and ask my query.

      In a web page user will be prompted with the list of available video. All videos has some voice over in it. When the user selected any video, it has to play in Media player component. There will be a record option just below the media player and while video is playing if user cicked record button, i have to record the audio from the video currently playing and also whatever the user speaks through his/her microphone. At the end of the video, user will have an option to play back the recorded audio. That is audio of the video & all his/her own narration.

      Is this is possible? If yes, how?

      I have been playing with Microphone class but it allows me to play back the audio whatever i spoke over the mic. I couldn't able to make the program wait till my speeach is over for play back. It is playing back as soon as i record anything.

      I also understand that with Flash Comm Server this is possible. I am not sure whether my client is interesed to invest for this. Is it possible through apollo or any other technologies? I don't want to store any data to the server, just to play the recorded audio as soon as the video is completed.