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    Hybrid CD not running Air app


      Hello ... having trouble with a hybrid CD i'm trying to burn in Toast ... i'm using a Mac .


      I've built my image (dmg) for the Mac side and it works fine ... I'm using a sidecar install of the Air framework which leads onto installing my application once finished .


      I've tested this dmg and it all works ok .


      But ... when i burn a Hybrid CD using this image as the Mac partition the Air framework + app refuse to work anymore .


      I double click the sidecar Air installer icon and absolutely nothing happens - nothing starts/loads, no errors, nothing .



      What is causing my once functioning image to die ?  The PC side of the hybrid works ok ... but i need the Mac side to work as well .





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          boom-shanka Level 1

          I've narrowed it down to the Adobe Air Installer application ...


          I copied my CD contents to a test folder & by process of elimination have found this app to be the culprit .

          When i replaced with a non-'burnt' version the Air install went ahead as usual ...


          ... so somewhere between me clicking 'Burn CD' & clicking the icon this file is been damaged / modified .




          Ok... i've opened the Adobe Air Installer application package up and ...any content files with long filenames have been renamed .


          Wonderful ... so anything over 24(+?) or so chars is going to be truncated with #9C or similar - which breaks things ... including Air.



          Why aren't long file names being copied across ?  I don't know where the problem lies now .

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            boom-shanka Level 1

            Well it looks like its not really an Air issue ... more a file system naming convention thing issue ... which is a pain as there doesn't seem to be any clear definite answers out there as to how to get a hybrid CD with shared files to work .


            My dmg is HFS+ . My iso is Joliet .


            Why am i still getting file name problems ?


            Every now and again i get a final disk image that actually 'works' .

            But when i try to replicate the steps i took to make it, failure .  Painful