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    Where to download Adobe Reader 9.1...and other older versions?


      I just got a notice that a "new" update was avialable for Acrobat Reader.


      I tried to install the update for my version (v 8.2! -- don't know why I never got any notices of subsequent updates/versions), but the update to 8.22 failed several times. So I got the update from the download are and that installed successfully.


      However, when I noticed that there have been several updates, I also tried to download the 16 MB version 9.1. But clicking "download now" wouldn't generate a download window. Instead, I was taken to a download page for the CURRENT version of Acrobat -- the 32 MB  v 9.3 that includes AIR). This page offers no option to download other versions though the header for the page actually states that it's a page for the Current and "older versions".


      Any ideas on why I'm encountering this problem and where I can actually download version 9.1....or how I can get 9.3 WITHOUT AIR?