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    The doctype isn't forced to be html5 in a new page

    Nancy Gill Level 1

      I've been playing with this for a little while and I make a new page, I can use a blank page with the HTML 5 doctype or I can use one of the html5 layouts for my page.  I notice however that when one of the html5 pages is selected, the doctype isn't automatically html5.  The xhtml1.0 doctype came up and it's completely possible to create a page in the html5 layout with an xhtml or html4 doctype . .which of course, is wrong.  Shouldn't the sample pages force the html5 doctype so the user isn't responsible for making sure the doctype is valid on these pages?  I can see this with a blank page that I make, but shouldn't the layout be already producing a valid html5 doctype on a new page?


      Just a thought ..