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    FB4 CPU problems in OSX

    David Ethell

      I'm using FB4 as a plugin with Eclipse 3.5. I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.3.


      Whenever I test my apps in debug mode my CPU goes through the roof and never comes back down. I could understand if the debug process claimed a lot of CPU (although I don't remember it being this bad in FB3), but it never comes down from 100% until I quit Eclipse.


      Interestingly, I tried FB4 with Eclipse 3.6M6 and while it still had high CPU during debugging it did drop back down once my flash app was closed and debugging was stopped. I can't use 3.6M6 for a variety of bug issues so I tried 3.6M7 but FB4 won't start in that version so I'm back to 3.5 until something better comes along.


      Does anyone have any ideas here or similar issues?