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    "Defected Designs" - Company won't produce.


      Hey guys,


      About two months ago I started working with a contact lenses company.

      I created my desired designs using illustrator, and sent them the designs with all the requirements they've asked for.


      Throughout all the process they said the designs were fine, and they are starting the production.

      Suddenly, about a week ago, I get an email that they are Unable to produce my design because of a technical problem.


      Ok, I said if it's a technical problem, i'll just wait till they fix it.

      However, that wasn't the case.


      That's what I got from them today:

      "It is very hard to meet completed lens, because the lenses you designed are got defected with technical problem.


      Therefore, we decided not to produce the design."


      As you can see, because they are Koreans, their english is somewhat not understandable (The designs got defected BECAUSE a technical problem, or the designs had a defective problem at the first place? not clear..)


      My question is - Is it possible that suddenly out of the blue, after saying the designs were fine, something in the design/file was so badly configured, enough to prevent from the company to produce it?


      Furthermore, it seems very odd that because of a design problem, the company says they "decided not to produce" my designs. I mean, what the hell? You got designers there, and it is your problem that you can't manage my designs. Shouldn't they atleast try to recreate the designs on their own?!



      Would appreciate your opinions.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          This is most unfortunate.


          I remember the previous threads, http://forums.adobe.com/thread/619852 and http://forums.adobe.com/thread/622113


          There seems to be no mentioning of any inherent problems with the design  itself, or the format(s) sent.


          The message(s) may imply that they have found out that they are unable to reproduce the design (accurately) (with their equipment). You may ask them whether that is the case; you may include questions such as:


          What does the outcome look like as compared to the design?

          Do they have technical problems with their equipment?

          Are they unable to accurately reproduce the design?

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            relzi1337 Level 1

            They have sent me several pictures of samples.

            There are 9 designs overall, 4 of them looks ok, while the other 5 needed corrections.


            Overall, the designs looks very similar to the original. That's why I find it hard to believe they will just tell me "Sorry, we can't produce".

            I mean, do they prefer to drop my order just because of design issue? That's unacceptable.


            I sent them a mail telling them exactly that, and asking them to recreate the designs as accurate as possible, with their designers. Lets see what they'll answer.