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    Force transistions to finish before interactions apply




      i was wondering if it was possible to have transitions finish before interactions of the next state apply?


      Because the scenario is this:

      when you have 2 states and a transition plays between the two the interaction behaviors of elements are already functional meaning if you have on roll over events on the next transition and you accidentally move your mouse over this roll over object the transition is canceled.


      Thanks for taking a look at this.

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          I had a related problem - don't know if my solution will help you or not, but ...


          I have educational animations which show code snippets, assemble packets, move things across interfaces, etc. There are stopping points built into each animation so that the viewer can digest what he's seen so far, then proceed further by using a 'next' button.


          In the timeline panel, I selected the next button, and with add action/set property I disabled the button at each transition start and re-enabled it only after all other transition effects in that step had played. (In parallel, I set the alpha property so that the button only showed once it was again available for use.)


          This is specific to my case, but it might point you in a useful direction.