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    Pasting enhanced metafiles from CS5 to PowerPoint 2003


      Hi there - just upgraded to CS5 and am having trouble pasting from Illustrator to PowerPoint 2003.


      Used to use CS3, where you could select an object from Illustrator and paste special into PowerPoint - there you could select 'Picture (enhanced metafile)'. The object would then paste into PowerPoint as a usable object, not just a picture. Very handy when creating unusual shapes.


      This is the Paste Special options menu in PowerPoint 2003


      Tried to paste special as an enhanced metafile from CS5, but nothing happens. You can still paste special as a picture, device independent bitmap and bitmap - but it doesn't work for 'enhanced metafile', which is the only option for using the object properly in PowerPoint.


      Does anyone know of a workaround or option that will fix this issue?


      Any help would be great. Thanks.