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    Overlay, Insert, Lift buttons on their monitors do nothing.

    CrazyFoool Level 1

      I was cutting up a bunch of videos i had shot and cut up about 10 clips. When

      i got to about my 10th one, i tried to overlay another clip to the end of my project but it said somethign about the source clip being longer than my destination. I don't know why that happened because I didn't set a end length. I know it wasn't as long as it could go because I had a music track locked ina nd it goes much longer. So anyway, some options came up about making the clip go faster, etc etc. I think I pressed ignore some point. anyway, now my overlay, insert, lift and wahtever that other one is button on the screen do not work. They don't do anything at all. The only way I can get a video clip onto the track is if i click and drag that film icon to the timeline track.

      Does anybody know what I can do to make those buttons work again? They were working so well then all of a sudden, something went wrong and now they don't work. Thank you.