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    Installing plugin problem


      Hello guys!


      I can't install the Flash Builder 4 plugin in Eclipse Galileo.

      The installer seems to stop in the "installing...." page.

      I have waited for 1.5hrs and the status bar didn't move a bit.


      Also, the "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4 Plug-in" folder seems to be created only after I cancel the installation.


      Here is the specs of my PC.

      Windows XP SP3

      Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz

      2GB RAM


      I already researched the error in the net but I can't find any answer.


      Thank you in advance

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          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

          Here are a few workarounds to try:

          - reboot just before installing, and make sure nothing else is running during installation.

          -  when running the installer, right-click on the exe and choose "Run as Administrator..."

          - try installing to an alternate folder, instead of the default. For example, instead of installing to \Program Files\, try installing to the All Users folder.

          - instead of plugging immediately into your own copy of Galileo, try installing FB4 Plug-in with its bundled copy of Ganymede first. After you get a successful installation, you only need to copy the link file into your Galileo folder's dropins folder.


          Let us know if any of these help, or if we should take a closer look.



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            fave_17 Level 1

            Aside from doing the steps given above, I also removed the spaces in the path of the temporary folder (C:\Adobe\FB.)


            Thank you so much!

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              I'm encoutering the same problem on Windows 7.

              I've tried the bundled eclipse install after a reboot in a spaceless path as an admin but it failed.

              Also I've tried the Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode of seven, nothing seems to work.


              If anyone has an idea, it would be greatly appreciated !

              Thanks !



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                C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

                Hi Ralph,


                When you modified the path, was it the path to the temporary folder that the installer unpacks to before running the actual installation, or was it the final destination install path that you changed (or both)?


                We've seen some problems with high-ascii and double-byte chars in the temporary path, but don't know if that relates at all to your situation. If so, try moving that folder to a short low-ascii path before running the installer contained within.



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                  Raphaël38 Level 1

                  Hi Chris,


                  Thanks for your answer !

                  First of all, my name's Raphaël (which is French), you can call me Raph. Ralph (Lauren) sounds too luxurious for me ;-)


                  I've at the beginning of my search posted a new topic explaining my problem, and I managed to solve if.

                  Here is the link to my original post with the solution : http://forums.adobe.com/message/3005675#3005675


                  Hope it will help anyone who encounters this problem.

                  Have a nice day.



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                    C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

                    Thanks Raph, and sorry about the typo.


                    Sounds as if the problem was indeed related to high-ascii characters.