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    Dragevents swf-content


      Hi there,


      I have a problem regarding DragEvents on my images. I have several hundreds of images of the same size, which I randomly pick from a collection and add to the stage. The images are all .swf-files with transparancy in them (real transparancy, so deleted the empty space in Flash), up to 40 pixels on either side.

      I want to be able to listen to MouseEvents and DragEvents over my images, but only over the real content (and ignoring the transparant part).

      For MouseEvents this is possible, by setting 'image.mouseEnabled = false;'. However, I don't seem to get it working for DragEvents (the DragEvent.DRAG_ENTER occurs when I am 40 pixels away from the real content). Does anyone have a solution for this problem?


      Thanks in advance!