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    Need help setting up hittest with nested movie clip.

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      Hi I am a highschool student making a flash game for a project at school. The project is due tomorrow so I need help fast.


      I am trying to set up a if function for a hit test. I am using action script 2.0

      I am coding all in one layer not within movie clips so dont give me code in that format unless nececary.


      ok here are the specifics.


      I have a movie clip with instance name src_resolute and I have another movie clip that is nested inside another movie clip named endbar.


      What I am trying to do is when src_resolute hits endbar I want it do gotoandplay the next scene.


      The parrent movie clip of the nested movie clips instance name is background.


      If you need any more infromation let me know but basicly what I want to do is when my main character(src_resolute) makes contact with the nested movie clip(a movie clip I have drawn inside of another movie clip) I want it to jump to the next scene or more specificaly scene 4.


      Thanks for any help!