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    MBR Streaming - 2 questions...


      I am trying to build a live MBR player and i have 2 problems


      1. My first problem is that sometimes i get this error:


      ArgumentError: Error #1063: Argument count mismatch on org.osmf.net::NetStreamSwitchManager/onPlayStatus(). Expected 1, got 3.
          at Function/http://adobe.com/AS3/2006/builtin::apply()
          at org.osmf.net::NetClient/invokeHandlers()[/Users/me/Work/OSMF/fc1-stable/framework/OSMF/or g/osmf/net/NetClient.as:244]
          at <anonymous>()[/Users/me/Work/OSMF/fc1-stable/framework/OSMF/org/osmf/net/NetClient.as:193 ]


      It has to do with the fact that onPlayStatus gets from server 3 arguments instead of 1. The arguments are: onPlayStatus(0,,[object Object]) and i only need the 3rd wich is my info object. I can do a hack but i wonder if is not a bug in the framework. And i wonder what first 2 arguments means....

      PS.: The server is wowza and the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder sees it as "Primary - Connected to FMS/3,5,2,654"


      2. The second problem has to do with the fact that i need to know when the stream start (so i can change my view accordingly) by listenting to an event dispatched by MediaPlayer. Does MediaPlayer dispatch an event like NetStream.Play.PublishNotify or NetStream.Play.Start ?