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    AIR Bug SDK-11134 fixed or not?

    reflexactions Level 1


      "If showFlexChrome=false for a WindowedApplication and you have a title set, the titlebar shows up briefly before disappearing (on Windows)"

      I have run into the same problem as this bug, I am using FB4, SDK3.2. AIR2RC


      From my main app which has showFlexChrome=false I open a new window with systemChrome set to none, the initial setting of the title doesn't 'flash' but if I change the title after opening then it 'flashes' by briefly showing a grey bar with the title text left aligned in 10pt I think overlaying my own custom title which just happens to be centered, bold and in a larger font which makes it very very noticeable....



      According to JIRA this bug is closed as it is a duplicate of 1509350, but when I searched for 1509350 it says no such bug exists.

      Any got a clue?

      I need to fix this as it look really lame at the moment.