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    Running CS5...i7 920 2.8ghz...9GB Ram...Raid 0...GTX285


      Hello People,


      Have searched and read all forums on my question. Okay, I shoot with the NX5u (AVCHD). I have watched the videos on MPE and some where the machine was weak, and when they put a video clip on timeline no yellow line. When I put a video clip on timeline I get a yellow line...shurly; my machine is powerful enough too not yellow line with one piece of video. I have made sure that my sequence settings are correct.


      I was thinking this morning that you have several different options when choosing your setting for video on the camera...i.e. 1080i HQ...1080iHD...1080iHP is it because the highest setting is transfering more "mbs" than the lowest setting of HD. But then I think , No that's not it. Sure with yellow line it plays smoothly, and I understand that the yellow line means that the GPU is kicking in. Even with SD footage I get the yellow line with one piece of video.


      Just doesn't seem right. I'll keep messing around. Any insights are appreciated. Thanks.