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    Problems displaying unicode encodeded characters in components

      I'm having problems getting Flash to display unicode that is imported from XML. In the example below the unicode characters in the name tag come through in Flash exactly as typed eg: \u00EA

      The xml file is written by PHP.

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <!-- Generated On: Sep-11-2007 12:24:19 --><Colortool><Siding><item><type>c</type><id>11</id><name>Rev\u00EAtement Sp\u00E9cial</name>

      However I've also tried re-saving the file manually in an editor encoded as UTF-8. Same result.

      Setting up a little test like:

      temp = "Rev\u00EAtement de premi\u00E8re qualit\u00E9";
      trace ("temp: " + temp);

      Traces: Revêtement de première qualité as expected.

      Any ideas why it works when the variable is set in Flash, but not when it's loaded from XML?