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    Class not found when testing remote object in Zend Studio + FB4


      Hey guys, so this is a Flash Builder 4 + Zend PHP question, hoping someone can help.


      So I've been building a basic CRUD backend with Zend, using E_Schrade's tutorial as a basis - seems pretty rocking so far, from an ease-of-development standpoint.


      Anyway, I've started the Flex project to see if my basic data model is working...I've followed all of the instructions, so far as I can tell, while getting up to speed.


      Anyway, picking the service PHP file from the backend project works, it grabs the methods and creates the data object...but, when I try to test the service, I get:


      Fatal error: Class 'Model_DbTable_Users' not found in  G:\www\FlexProject\public\services\UserService.php on line 7

      (line 7 is:   $tbl = new Model_DbTable_Users();  )


      So clearly I have a pathing/include problem.  Trouble is, I'm not sure what the best way to FIX it is.  In the tutorials I've watched they don't run into this issue, so I clearly have a misconfiguration.  Ooooor do I actually need to put a require statement into UserService, even though that shouldn't be required when running the ACTUAL backend app?


      Ugh, confused!


      Please help!