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    How to compile an application (not sample)


      I have installed QTP 9.2, Flex Automation Package / builder /flex plug-in, QTP recognized the flex controls of sample application ( http://examples.adobe.com/flex2/inproduct/lcds/flexstore/flexstore.html ): It worked after I ran build.bat from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\moxie\samples\explorer: below is the sample script:

      Browser("FlexStore").FlexApplication("flexstore").FlexToggleButtonBar("_ToggleButtonBar1") .Change "Home"
      Browser("FlexStore").FlexApplication("flexstore").FlexToggleButtonBar("_ToggleButtonBar1") .Change "Products"
      Browser("FlexStore").FlexApplication("flexstore").FlexCanvas("Products").FlexPanel("Browse ").FlexCanvas("Nokia 6010").FlexImage("assets/pic/Nokia_6010.gif").Click

      BUT when i tried to record/recognise the flex controls of our company's flex application to be automated, the whole application is recognised as a single object "MacromediaFlashPlayerActiveX" and the child controls are not recognised by QTP

      How should I proceed further?, also please let me know the way to compile my application: then it may work for me

      Thanks in advance