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    positioning sub menus across browsers

    houstonalle Level 1

      I have a working page up for which I am trying to get the submenus to position against the main menu items. I also have the same problem with the "client login" button alignment--I'd like it aligned right, but when I do that, it aligns to the body, not the mainContent div. I've tried several ways to do this to no avail. I've tried things from the Lynda.com tutorials, but I'm not connecting the dots. When it looks great in Safari, it looks off in IE8, FF or Chrome on PC. When it looks right on PC browsers, it it way off on Mac.


      CSS is still a big challenge for me, so I'm sure there is a smarter way to achieve this. I appreciate any advice, help, reference I can get.


      The working page is at this link.