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    JavaScript to Flex app in IFrame

      I am working on an extension to Selenium (www.openqa.org) that exercises a Flex UI. Currently trying to get the tool to open an html file with an embedded swf in an HTML IFrame and then make JavaScript calls over Ajax-Flex bridge. Current loading the FABridgeSample.html and it stilll functions in its frame but similar calls from the Selenium test can't find the swf. "FABridge.example is undefined".

      Anyone know of any special limitations when accessing a swf in an IFrame?


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          toddwcrone Level 1
          I got around this problem by adding 'document.FABridge = FABridge' to the bottom of the FABridge.js file and then after referenecing the bridge from the main HTML window with "window.frames['myiframe'].document.FABridge.example.root();"

          If anyone knows a more graceful way of doing this, please do tell.


          - Todd