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    Multiple designers with version control


      I am setting up a workflow for a fairly large Flex application.  On the design side we have 2-3 designers working of skins and layouts.  Some of this work will happen in Catalyst.


      I am looking for advice on working with a version control system.


      An example problem is say we have one fxp file with many skins and 2 designers need to edit different skins within that fxp file.  If Catalyst worked with a full Directory structure like Flash Builder rather than a damn zipped up version of it (fxp) then we could seemlessly use version control to merge and commit changes.


      Perhaps we have one skin file per fxp, but even then if two designers make non-conflicting changes, there is still no nice way to merge.


      I've been toying with the idea of having scripts that change the fxp to a zip and unzip prior to update or commit, but that's a little hairy.


      Any words of wisdom?