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    Developing a Template




      I'm trying to make a presentation that only uses one box in the screen, and has the remainder of the screen used for navigating the presentation and giving info on the presenter. I'm hoping to get advice on how to make a template for this type of presentation. I've played around w/ Captivate to try and make the template, but it doesn't look nearly as good as this presentation I saw made by someone else. Any insights on how to make a template like this would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.




      Screen shot 2010-05-20 at 10.10.20 AM.png

      The twelve boxes on the bottom of the screen navigate to different points w/in the presentation.

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          ski.jibber Level 1

          Is there a different product I should use to make the template other than Captivate?

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            Do you need this template for different CP-files? Because anyway you'll have to configure each button to make the right jump, or will it always be to exactly the same slide (p.e. button 1 jumps to slide 2, button 2 jumps to slide 10,etc). And what will be in the template besides this first navigation slide? The jumps can only be configured when the slides exist (even blank slides are possible).



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              ski.jibber Level 1

              Thanks for your response, Lilybiri .


              I'm just wanting to develop this single template slide that I will use throughout each presentation I make (I'll put in different text in each navigation box for each presentation).


              For making the buttons line up next to each other and designing the template slide is Captivate the best program, or is another program better to use and import the template?

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                Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                You can use Captivate for this template. Will you use Text buttons and replace the text on the button when creating a project from the Template? From your screenshot I'd believe you will use your proper Image buttons (easier to create it with the proper formatting in any image editing software). It could perhaps be a good idea to label the buttons: But1_1, But1_2 ... for buttons on the first line,...


                As for aligning, could offer some tips:

                • Show the grid (View menu); you can adapt grid size in Preferences (Edit menu), Global, General Settings; I do not like the Snap to Grid very much but perhaps it could be useful if you have set a proper grid size
                • Create one button and format it to your wishes (or import it into the library and put it on the stage), you could position/size it exactly with the tab 'Size and Position' of its Properties
                • Duplicate the button: the duplicate will be placed exactly 10px to the right and 10px under the original. If you immediately use SHIFT-LEFT and SHIFT-UP it will be placed exactly in the same position as the first. With SHIFT-Arrow it will be moved 10px in the direction of the arrow, with CTRL-Arrow n px (n=grid size) in the direction of the arrow. If you do not know yet how many px you want between buttons you can use the following method:
                • Make as many duplicates as you need for one line of buttons; suppose first button is in the right place, place the last one approximately where it should be, select all of the buttons (be sure to select the first one to start with, it will have white handles, the other buttons will get black handles). Use the right click menu, Align to align the tops, and the same Align menu to Distribute horizontally.
                • Keep the selection, duplicate it for the second line, use perhaps the SHIFT-LEFT to align left, and use SHIFT-DOWN or CTRL-DOWN, eventually finetuning with DOWN (moves one pixel) to have the proper vertical distance.

                Should have been quicker to make a video, hope you understand my workflow.



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                  ski.jibber Level 1

                  Hi Lilybiri-


                  Thanks for your help. A couple follow-up questions: (1) Is there a certain program for creating buttons that you find easier to use? When creating buttons, is there a way to make them have a certain look (using an image) but then be able to have text as part of the button? (2) Is there a way to make a button stay on the screen for the remainder of the presentation like you can do for images and other text? I know I can make it appear for the rest of the slide, but don't see how to do it for the remainder of presentation.


                  Thanks again.



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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Hi Thomas


                    Of course I'm not Lilybiri, but hopefully she won't mind my offering a link or two for buttons...


                    I really like Vista Buttons.

                    Click here to view the site


                    And there are a gob of free button making pages on the web. Just use Google using the terms "Button Maker" or "Button Generator" to find some. Here is a link to one of them.

                    Click here to view the site


                    Cheers... Rick


                    Helpful and Handy Links

                    Captivate Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form

                    Adobe Certified Captivate Training

                    SorcerStone Blog

                    Captivate eBooks

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                      Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                      For your first question, Rick already gave some suggestions.


                      He knows that I'm a Photoshop fan since many years, do use it for my buttons (and for about everything graphic), but you really do not need such a complex program. I think buttons can be made with any imaging software. And mostly you can add text on a graphic, in Photoshop I use layers for that purpose, but again you may see that as overkill.


                      As for your second question: nor a click box, nor a button can be configured to stay for the rest of the project. But you can easily copy a button (or a selection of buttons) from one slide to several other slides: select them, copy them to the clipboard, select all the slides where you want them to appear and paste. If the buttons have an action (on Success) attached to jump to a specific slide, this action will be copied with them, so the jump will be correct for all the copied buttons. There are other workarounds, but this is the most simple one.


                      Hope this helps,


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                        ski.jibber Level 1

                        Thanks, Rick and Lilybiri.