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    need some help with security sandbox stuff asap please

    cyber0897 Level 1

      hey guys... so im trying to do a swfLoader call to a swf on a server from my actionscript on my local machine, when i do that i get the security sandbox violation error.... i tried adding a crossdomain.xml file to the server that has the following code in it


           <site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="master-only"/>
           <allow-access-from domain="*"/>
           <allow-http-request-headers-from domain="*" headers="SOAPAction"/>


      and in my actionscript on application initialize i do


      initialize="init(); Security.loadPolicyFile('http://myServer.com/crossdomain.xml')"


      i also do




      any ideas???? oh and i also went to this website http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04a.ht ml and set the always allow trust locations to "/"


      any ideas on how i could possible fix this problem?? ive been trying to get around this problem for the last 2 days!!


      please help!!!!