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    autoSize lies

    richtextformat Level 1
      i take a static textfield, change some of it values thus:

      var tf:TextField = this.getValue()._txt;
      tf.type = "dynamic";
      tf.multiline = true;
      tf.wordWrap = true;
      tf.autoSize = "left";
      trace(tf._height +" : "+tf.textHeight );

      textHeight prints as 13. however, taking a screen shot and looking closer it only allows a height of 10px for the letters, meaning that letters with tails like g, p and y get their tails cut off.

      if you chnage the size of the text it remains constant at loosing the bottom 3 px of text height, so a static textfield with a textHeight of 26 actually only gives 23 px to display the text in.